Back to Ukraine - The Idoni Family Adoptions - Take Two!

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Back to Ukraine - The Idoni Family Adoptions - Take Two! (The Idoni Family)
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The Story

UPDATE:  The boys are adopted!  But we are still in Ukraine!!  We are holding open our U.S. Immigration approval to get an update to 4 boys, rather than 2, so we can begin our new adoption process for 2 more wonderful brothers we met while here adopting.  You can still give here (we are a little short), but we are also beginning to accept donations to our new fund here:

In 2014, our family stepped out on faith to adopt 3 boys from Ukraine.  It was an amazing journey filled with love, prayer & miracles.  We saw God's hand move over and over again!  Who knew we would be in the heart of the war zone in Eastern Ukraine?  But God protected us in every situation and we all returned safely to America.  As soon as our feet hit U.S. soil, our 3 new sons became American citizens.  And now we are daily enjoying life as a new family with 7 sons at home!

But we know in our hearts God isn't finished with us.

Recently we learned about 2 brothers who truly want a family to love them.  A good friend spent about 4 months getting to know these sweet boys while she was adopting her own children from the same orphanage.  Thankfully they aren't in the immediate war zone, so we can go to Ukraine and request a referral to meet them and begin the process of adopting again!

This will involve me (Heather) living in Ukraine for approximately 2 months again (as I did from April 19th to June 21st in 2014).  Jim will need to make 3 separate required trips so that he can continue working his full-time nursing job which pays for our everyday family expenses.

Right now we have begun the process of updating our home study and finishing off more bedroom space to make room for our new sons.  It is an exciting time as we anticipate the new journey ahead, but also a sobering one as we now have hands-on experience in what can go wrong.  But God is faithful!!  We will do all we can do on our side of things to "stand" -- and trust Him for the rest.  Our job is small compared to His!

To those who have given in the past, all I can say is THANK YOU.  You have changed lives in a beautiful, redemptive way.  When I look at our sweet Ukrainian American sons and how far we have come, I just want to cry with joy.  They are so precious to us.  And we can't wait to love on 2 more! :-)

To those who are reading about us for the first time, please consider being a part of this miracle.  A gift of any size brings us closer to our goal.  Our costs will be approximately $35,000 , but we are starting off with a more modest fund raising goal of $20,000 for now.

Thank you for reading our story and joining us in our second amazing journey to Ukraine!

The Idoni Family
Jim, Heather, Ben (25), Carman (23), Angelo (19), John (18), Gabe (17), Aaron (17), Val (14) and Vlad (13).

P.S. Would you like to view our previous fund raising page with our first story of adoption? Just go to this page...

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 11, 2015

Posted on October 11, 2015

We've been home 5 weeks now and the boys are doing beautifully adjusting to their new life and family in Michigan.  We still have expenses from our previous trip home since I spent an extra month in Ukraine, but that should also cut back on the time I have to spend when returning with Jim.  In any case, I'm leaving this fundraiser open to help with that.  Thank you for giving if you are able!

We could easily just relax now, but we are working hard to get back to Ukraine to bring home 2 more sons, Jason (15) and David (12). You can read about that journey and learn more at this link:

Posted on August 24, 2015

Posted on August 24, 2015

All is well!!  We are still in Ukraine, but only because we are waiting on a document to approve us for 2 more sons!!  Then we will come home with Vince and Vanya to settle in and begin work on a new dossier to come back for Jason and David.  You can read all about it at our new page here:

Thank you so much for caring and giving.

Posted on July 16, 2015

Posted on July 16, 2015

Why We Adopt

For many people, adoption is about growing a family.  Perhaps they have dealt with infertility or have other reasons to pursue adoption of children.

For me, it was never about growing our family.  In fact, it was precisely because we HAD been blessed with wonderful children.  We felt complete and lacking nothing!  Our family was grown -- and nearly grown up -- and everything was right with our world.

Our decision to adopt was built from a pre-marriage discussion 29 years ago.  Jim and I always just knew we'd adopt someday, but Jim was settled it would most likely be after we had mostly raised biological children.

Then in 2013, after 26 years of marriage, we knew the time had come.  We knew we were "settled" and that we had so much more love to give.

Our adoption "because" became our life.  We had an abundant, unending supply of love to share because God was continually filling us to overflowing with HIS love.  It was never about money or space -- it was about "if OUR child is out there waiting for us -- we need to give God permission to lead us to him or her".

Now we have realized it has always been about the children.  They simply are WORTH IT.  Before we knew our new sons, we loved them.  Now our love has grown into precious relationships and our lives have been changed at least as much as theirs have.  What an amazing opportunity to love -- AND BE LOVED -- that can be so dismissed by the world.

I cringe when someone tells me "these kids are so lucky to have you".  Well, yes -- I AM a pretty awesome mom -- but no.  It is Jim and I who praise God every day for these awesome kids we now call our own.  We just sit here dumbfounded sometimes that we might have missed this calling.  This amazing rollercoaster of privilege to parent someone else's natural born children.  This chance to show them how precious and dear to God they really are.

My heart is constantly bursting with love for ALL my boys.  I love how our biological "first" family have embraced their new brothers.  I was adopted as a baby and now we have our own adopted "babies" -- yes, I tell them constantly they are my babies!  I tell them how I wish I could have been there in the beginning for them.

God's heart is for the orphan.  God's heart is for those like us who are reading this to experience what we have.  A total surprise in our "old age".  Good work for us to do... and miracles to behold.  Each of our new sons is a miracle in the making.  God's amazing redemptive power in full color.

Why do we adopt?

Because every child deserves a family ... all over the world ... and our children are WORTH what it takes to do it.

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Back to Ukraine - The Idoni Family Adoptions - Take Two!

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