Adoption: Sidekick Needed!

For: Patches and Rachel Hill Adoption
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Adoption: Sidekick Needed! (Patches and Rachel Hill Adoption)
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The Story

Why International?

My parents and grandparents did domestic adoption – and I was in love with the idea. I was all planned out and then my plans did a U-Turn. Through prayer and God’s guidance, I began to realize the “why international” for me and our family.

  1. I will follow my husband. Patches always felt that international was the best fit for our family. Patches has never led our family wrong and I know he isn’t now.
  2. We felt convicted – International adoption will not allow for me to be self-reliant or in my own private world.  We can’t afford it, we can’t control the schedule,” we can’t…” seemed to be overwhelming. Then we felt convicted that we can’t but God can. HE will be faithful in HIS timing.

Where are we in the process? How long will this take?

Everything is estimates – the best we can do is pass them along. We are looking at 2+ years until we get to bring our little one home.  We are open to either gender and are anticipating a toddler 1 to 4 years old.  There are a couple of major stages.

-          Paper Chase (We are Here)

-          Translating all the PAPER… both governments!

-          Referral

-          Visit for 2 Weeks

-          Wait for official court date

-          Return to Haiti to pick up child!!

How much are we talking & where does it go?

In the spirit of transparency.. Here is the break down.

Our agency is All Blessing International, a Christian agency located in KY.  ( 

Fees Already Paid

  1. Preliminary application fee - $50 (paid)
  2. Application Fee - $200 (Paid)
  3. First of Three Payments to Agency $1,750 due at Business Agreement (Paid)
  4. HomeStudy Application to Madison (Delaware Homestudy Agency) 300 - (Paid)
  5. Education (Paid)
  6. This is a chart that breaks down the rest of where our fees are going.

  • Due: $13,540 with Dossier ( Hoping to be submitted in Sept.) Still need $11540
  • Due:$ 12,980 plus travel over 18 Months (with Referal until ariving home with our child)

Hidden Fees In Paperwork: Just an example, we need several copies our birth certificate for each family member. Each copy is $25 – it adds up quickly! Our Homestudy will cost around $3,000. Please look at the chart to see where the money is going!

Our Financial Plan

First, we opened a special savings account just for our new child!

Next, we looked at the areas in our budget and spending that we could cut.  We no longer have preschool tuition and our last car payment is in July. Those payments will be going into our special savings account. Looking at our finances and we are shaving a few things off – first one being we cut the cable.

Third: We will be planning several fundraisers over the course of these two years and will be looking into grants. Most agencies want you to have completed your home study at a minimum yet most want you to have a referral, which comes later in the process.

Fourth: We will be looking into a loan. We do have great credit but would love to do this debt free. If that is not possible, we will get a loan!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 22, 2014

Posted on August 22, 2014

We have been moving along with our process! We have collected all the paperwork and submitted it to our agency! We have been saving and fundraising to make this HUGE payment due Sept 15th. Looks like we are going to be a little short but I know that God will provide. He has every other step of the way.  This last payment includes our agency fees, translation fees, authentication of documents, our first payment to Haiti and a humanitarian fee. Continue to pray for us and if you feel led consider donating to this leg of our journey.

Posted on August 22, 2014

Posted on August 22, 2014

  • As Haiti has become a Hague Convention Country, aspects of their process are still being established. Pray that they are resolved quickly but with the children’s best interest.
  • Pray for the all nannies and workers at the orphanages.
  • Pray a hedge around our little one. In order to become ours, a loss of some sort took place. We pray that someone is telling him/her all about God already. That he/she may find peace and comfortable in Him.  
  • Pray that we will have patience, trust and direction while we are waiting.

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Adoption: Sidekick Needed!

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