Fighting Obesity & Physical Inactivity Epidemic Nationwide

For: Adopt-A-Walk
Santa Monica, CA
Organizer: Malin Svensson
Fighting Obesity & Physical Inactivity Epidemic Nationwide (Adopt-A-Walk)
$10,000 goal
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The Story

Imagine every city across the nation as walking friendly as Santa Monica. Imagine how much healthier and happier people would feel. This is exactly the mission of Adopt-A- Walk. We want to create walking friendly communities nationwide to help fight the obesity and physical inactivity epidemic. And we want to start here in our role model City of Santa Monica.

Adopt-A-Walk’s signature walk is a 1 mile loop. Our goal is to raise money to make it a permanently marked walking path to become the meeting point for everyone in their community. Especially for you who have a hard time getting motivated to exercise and to get healthy. Imagine along the 1-mile walking path there will be markers every .1 mile encouraging you with inspirational quotes to take one step further each time you go out for a walk. If you get tired there will be a place for you to sit down and rest. There will be flowers and trees so it will be inviting for you to walk. We believe that a 1 mile could be a feasible goal for you and not too overwhelming.  Let's raise this money to make this dream come true one community at a time.

Growing up in Sweden, Malin Svensson, the founder of Adopt-A-Walk, led a natural active lifestyle by walking and biking to everything locally. She never owned a car until she moved to Los Angeles…..

The fitness industry can’t seem to reach the people who need to move their bodies the most. The number of gyms appears to grow as fast as the obesity crisis is growing. What is wrong with this picture? Malin believes we are not making an active lifestyle easily accessible within most of our communities. Adopt-A-Walk was born to be the solution – to create and promote walking friendly communities by adding specifically designed walking paths that are easily accessible.

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Fighting Obesity & Physical Inactivity Epidemic Nationwide

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