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The world lost an absolute amazing, one of a kind, beautiful, selfless soul. Adam fought the hardest fight he could possibly fight. He gave it everything and then some. Cancer sucks and doesn’t discriminate against really great people. 

He had such a big heart who loved everyone around him, and also a big place in his heart for music and animals. They both were a big part of his life. His other love was his rescued retired racing greyhounds, especially Arri. His girl, his other love before I entered his life. He loved her soo much was devastated when we had to say goodbye last July. But I know he is with her now and our other pups who have passed, Bonner and Chip, greeting all of the animals in whatever is next. 

Adam loved all kinds of animals. In the last few years when we went on trips, whether Niagria Falls, Cape May, Kennett Square or Baltimore, we always had what we called an “animal activity” planned. Yes Niagra Falls was beautiful, but let’s go to the bird place tomorrow all day to just hang out there and watch them, he said. 

We recently took a trip to Baltimore and did a behind the scenes Dolphin-trainer experience for a few hours. It was amazing!!! (Highly recommend to anyone who would like to do this before they move the Dolphins to a sanctuary in 2020.) At the time we just went to the Medford Dickins festival, and we wrapped Adam’s cane in lights for fun. He lit it up when we were next to the tank and the dolphins had never seen anything like it. It was truly a new, shared experience between Adam and curious animals. One dolphin turned and was talking to the others like “hey, come check this out!!”. It was truly amazing. Melted our hearts. 

We also took a few trips in 2017 to Cape May, and always the zoo was a priority on the agenda. He really loved it there, so much so that he was talking about volunteering there when he gets his strength back. How fun it would be to ride his motorcycle down and spend the day with animals. He was talking to a zoologist and entertaining the idea of going back to school to be a zoologist. I swear we circled that place about 3 times each visit, making sure not to miss one square inch of it. We also learned that the tiger, I think his name is Rocky, also had cancer. One of the staff said didn’t come out much, but he came out that day we were there and laid in the sun (true cat style). Every day was filled with excitement, bliss and wonder when Adam was surrounded by animals along with a huge smile on his face. 

I wanted to set up a fundraiser for Adam and his love for animals. The Cape May Zoo has been a big part of our adventures, and Cape May in general, I wanted to raise money to put together for a memorial in his name. He will be missed greatly, but this will be something that will be there for years to visit and will be able to share his love of animals with him. 

I will keep everyone posted on this memorial project. Thank you for your contribution. 

- His loving wife, Tracey


We hit our initial donation goal! Thank you so much for all of your help with contributions, spreading the word & honoring Adam in such a special way. It would bring a great big smile to his face. Thank you! 

If Adam could, he would have adopted & loved all of the animals in need & I know that is exactly what he is doing now in spirit. Let's see what other projects we can fund! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 11, 2018


Posted on June 11, 2018

Hi All,

The fundraising sites YouCaring & GoFundMe are merging, after GoFundMe bought YouCaring. What does that mean for us? It means our fundraising site will be frozen to accept any additional donations after July 31st, but you have all blown me away with the support & donations. I can not thank you enough, seriously! 

After July 31st, I will not be able to update you with donation updates. If we are not already friends on Facebook, please reach out so I can publish Adam's Memorial Fund updates & you will be able to see how the progress is going on the Cape May Zoo project. 

Thank you again for your donations towards Adam's Memorial Fund. 

- Tracey Francois

Posted on June 5, 2018


Posted on June 5, 2018


Wanted to give you an update on Adam Francois’ Memorial Fund!

Spoke to the Program Director & Coordinator at the Cape May County Zoo & they have not only been busy with really great events happening at the zoo & getting ready for the season, but also working on a great way to utilize Adam’s Memorial Fund donations that we raised together.  

Trying to bring Adam’s big heart & love of animals into the zoo is somewhat easy. The money could be used for anything- toys, treats, shelters... but they really wanted to use it for something special. The donation will be used to enhance the education aspect of the zoo & animal encounters for daily visitors. Education is just as important as caring for the animals. Many young & adult minds visiting can learn something new, grow awareness, smile & laugh, and hopefully foster some new animal advocates just like Adam!  
The donation will be used in their education department to “outfit” their education building recently named “Discovery Outpost”. The zoo’s education team offers children’s programs, tours, summer zoo camps & outreach programs, along with fostering a docent program for adults. They would be using our donation for viewing tanks for these animals as well as for educational information to strengthen their existing programs & be able to offer more on a daily basis. To be able to display the ambassador animals (the education department’s animals) during the day would be an awesome treat for the zoo’s visitors. They now have a Wallaby, Cavy, Bat Eared Fox, Snakes, Turtles, Barn Owl, Hawk, Alligator & more! A bench will be placed in front of the outpost & display a plaque inside the Discovery Outpost in a prominent location, which is located to the left of the entrance. So many visitors will be able to walk in the Discovery Outpost, see the animals in their enclosures & learn something new! It will also give the zoo a chance to house more animal ambassadors to get an up close experience with them.  

I also asked for them to treat the otters with a little something fun (either toys or treats), as he loved them.  

I can only imagine Adam’s great big grin & twinkle in his eyes to see the animals up close, but also can hear what will become of a child’s (nervous) excited laugh that explodes when they see something like an alligator or fox in real life for the first time- you know the one. Those are the moments, along with the “fun fact, humm! moment” that you walk away learning something, that make this donation in Adam’s name go to something great. After a zoo visit, or really any animal visit, Adam would talk about his favorite fun fact or moment he had. The last time he went he talked about how funny the animals were as well as the connections animals had with other species. One of the big cats must of had a hair ball or something and the sound it made totally surprised us, had no idea that sound would come out of that being, ha! Also there was a turtle that was balancing on a log pretty high up. Didn’t know how it got up there, almost looked like someone put him there. We sat on a bench for a good bit watching him sunbathe & laughing so hard we could t catch our breath.  

Thank you for your generous donation! It means a lot. I will keep you posted on more updates.  

Here are a few of the education programs that will be in the Discovery Outpost & will be encountering the animal ambassadors:   

- Tracey Francois

Posted on April 30, 2018


Posted on April 30, 2018

Quick update: 

I have been in touch with Cape May County Park & Zoo. The Director is pulling some unfinished projects so we can go over which one fits best for remembering Adam & the donation amount. Some ideas that they through out were a exhibits that they are in the planning stages for including Capybara, Porcupine & Big Cat exhibits. I am for sure getting a bench with a plaque in memory of Adam. 

Thank you again for all of your donations! It is a great way to remember Adam & to connect with one of his joys in life - animals. I will keep everyone updated on plans & next steps. 

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