Walking Across America: for Youth Opportunity

For: 7 Million Strides
Chicago, IL
Organizer: Frank Chiarelli
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The Story

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“If you haven’t heard, Chicago is billions of dollars in debt, its population decrease has lead the nation for three consecutive years, and its homicide rates are growing to historic proportions.

Who are you?

I'm Frank; passionate Chicagoan with experience in herding sheep and teaching my father how to use the internet. I'm no doctor, no Gandhi, and I have zero political affiliation; but our inner city youth are in a bad way, and I could use your help.

The majority of my childhood was spent living house to house and coaching my mother through a very explicit addiction. When she passed away my life spiraled out of control. I turned to crime and drugs and it was a life I hid from most everyone because frankly it was quite depressing. 

Many years later I developed an understanding for the power of strong family, faith, and work ethic which I was missing for such a long time.  

It is my goal to help others, specifically those being victimized by the ongoing chaos on our streets, to find that same opportunity for success 

What are you doing?

I've sold all my furniture and cashed out my 401k plan to fund a walk across the country from Delaware to California. Every day, I'll be fundraising for at-risk youth and consulting with invested city citizens and officials about how to improve the safety in our inner cities.  

Where is the money going?

Career readiness and life mentor-ship programs for at-risk youth ages 7-24. 7 Million Strides is sponsored by Kids Off the Block a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in Chicago, IL.  

Why care?

1. In a time when our country and its cities are clouded by negativity, my walk is also one evoking for change in the way our early generations think about their roles in society and their potential for betterment.

2. Because you come from a troubled household. You've lost a parent, turned to crime, lived in poverty, or have the slightest taste of existing without structure, friends, religion or a sense of self.

3. Because the current system is not working. Not only in Chicago but all over the country. If you don't like something, then change it!

How will you move the needle?

  • Get away from dead end jobs
  • Avoid the en-slavery of welfare 
  • Begin mentoring from a younger age
  • Emphasis on youth in transition from rehab, criminal justice system, or recent trauma
  • Institute contracted and incentive based mentor-ship programs

I will take time to speak with and engage kids outside of the classroom and introduce them to professional settings.

As part of an ongoing initiative I am collecting the testimonials of invested city citizens and public figures of the towns I pass through. With their documented support, I will make some specific requests with powers on policy and funding in government to assist our youth.     

Big picture... I'm hopeful my walk will inspire others to take even just a few minutes to think... about creating change in Chicago or within their own communities around the country and to reevaluate how they spend their free time.

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Walking Across America: for Youth Opportunity

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