Help NYC "J20" Anti-Trump Defendants Fundraise for Trial!

For: 5 Borough Anti-Repression Committee
New York, NY
Organizer: 5 Borough Anti-Repression Committee
Help NYC "J20" Anti-Trump Defendants Fundraise for Trial! (5 Borough Anti-Repression Committee)
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The Story

On January 20th, hundreds of inauguration protesters were mass-arrested and held in inhumane and abusive conditions. Their cell phones were confiscated and searched, their homes were raided, and their social media data was seized.  After an initial (already unusual) "felony rioting" indictment, prosecutors pushed for a series of revisions - pulling in more defendants and bringing each person's total charges to a staggering 8+ felonies. Twenty five "J20" defendants reside in NYC area.

Prosecutors in these cases have demanded vast troves of website data involving millions of unrelated people, sought gag orders forcing Facebook to silently hand over data without notifying users or allowing for legal due process, and 'cracked' over 100 defendant cell phones to extract terabytes of personal data. At the same time, they requested a 'protective' order to keep defendants from sharing police body camera footage - shielding the police from public accountability, and complicating efforts to prepare a defense.

Most defendants will wait more than a year for their day in court - under the constant, debilitating threat of 75+ years in prison.

Throughout these cases, prosecutors have engaged in vindictive, intrusive, and excessive behavior - from detectives sent to eavesdrop on attorney-client conversations in the courthouse, to offers of 'wired' pleas designed to coerce easy 'wins' for the prosecutor by pitting defendants against family and friends.

But who 'wins' when prosecutors abuse their power and disrupt lives?

If we let these cases continue uncontested, we empower one of the world's biggest oppressors- the modern American prosecutor.

We make the next abuse easier; the next target more vulnerable.


Funds needed:

Twenty five defendants in New York need funds for raising awareness, travelling to D.C for hearings, housing during trial, and expert witnesses/court fees.


Low on funds, but want to help? No problem. Keep up to date on ways you can help via our social media:


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Help NYC "J20" Anti-Trump Defendants Fundraise for Trial!

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