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The Story

This fundraiser is being organized by Undocumedia, a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, CA and Pueblo Sin Fronteras, an international migrant and refugee rights collective, to support the 2018 Refugee Caravan.

The refugee families of the Pueblo Sin Fronteras caravan have successfully traveled over 1500 kilometers, most of them across three countries, by foot, by hitchhiking, and by train. Now we are asking for your support as the families will be requesting asylum at the United States - Mexico border.

The 2018 Refugee Caravan is the largest ever, a testament to the severity of the human rights crisis in Central America. On top of organized crime, economic violence, and corporate megaprojects that displace rural people from the countryside, the military repression unleashed against unarmed protesters after the US-backed Honduran electoral fraud last year has sent a tremendous number of Honduran women, men and children fleeing in search of safety. In addition, a frightening lack of governmental protection and safeguards for victims of gender based violence, including domestic violence and violence against the LGBTQI community.

About half of the 650 refugees remaining on the caravan are mothers, fighting hard to protect and support their young children. Through their perseverance and their refusal to disband even under threats from the United States President, these parents were able to pressure the Mexican government to issue transit visas to nearly everyone, which allow them to travel with some safety through the remaining 3,000 kilometers across Mexico. This means that these exhausted but determined families are able to avoid traveling on the back of "La Bestia," the cargo train that spans Mexico and has historically been a crucial but also dangerous lifeline for Central Americans traveling across Mexico.

Now they need your support to help cover basic logistical needs and emergency supplies for the hundreds of refugees who are preparing to apply for political asylum.

The cost breakdown of our initial fundraising goal ($50,000) is:
-$40,000 for basic caravan logistical needs and supplies
-$5,000 for food and supplies to make sure that the arrival of the caravan doesn't deplete the resources of the shelters run by their allies on the border
-$5,000 for basic commissary supplies (calling cards) for the 250 caravan members who are preparing to turn themselves in at the border and need to be able to reach allies on the outside in the event that the Trump administration attempts to retaliate or prevent them from exercising their due process rights.

These funds are being directly administered by migrant leaders and volunteers from Pueblo Sin Fronteras who are accompanying the caravan through Mexico. Thank you for your support!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 4, 2018

Posted on May 4, 2018

UPDATE 5/4/18:

Now that many of the members of the Refugee Caravan have requested asylum, and after a days-long standoff at the Tijuana port of entry have been accepted for processing of their asylum claims, nearly 200 members of the caravan are in or on their way to immigration detention centers. These fierce families are entering a constellation of abusive facilities, across the country, where migrants and refugees are isolated and punished for speaking out.

Members of the Refugee Caravan are especially vulnerable to retaliation, punitive separation of parents from their children, arbitrary drawn-out detention, and trumped-up criminal charges, since the president and attorney general have gone on the record stating they intend to publicly punish refugees for having the courage to organize openly in defense of their right to asylum.

Now, the families of the caravan have asked us to rise up and support their ability to maintain human connections to their family members, and keep lines of communication to their allies open in the event that they experience the retaliation, torture, or family separation that have been confronted by previous caravan members in US detention centers in the last year.

We also want to acknowledge that phone calls from detention facilities are exorbitantly expensive, because these facilities - both city/county jails and private prisons - contract with private telephone companies that then pay them a “commission” - essentially a kickback - that ranges from 15 percent to 60 percent. In the long run, we need to abolish these predatory jail phone contracts; in the short run, we need to make sure the refugee families’ voices can get to the outside.

Join us in donating $50 to sponsor a family’s phone account, so that we can continue to hear the voices of these powerful leaders in the migrant movement for human rights! We are looking for $5,000 to allocate $50 to each of the 100 families that are currently on their way to immigrant detention centers.

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Support for Immigrants in 2018 Refugee Caravan

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