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The Story

On August 26, 2016 the NJSPCA responded to a tip on their animal cruelty hotline. Upon arriving at a property in Hampton, NJ (Hunterdon County), what they found was so horrific they immediately called for help. It was a bunny mill. Over 200 rabbits were found living in tiny wire cages in sheds with no air conditioning and feces piled everywhere. The temperature inside the sheds was well over 100 degrees. The stench was horrific. Dozens more rabbits were crammed in dilapidated hutches outside the sheds. If that wasnt awful enough, on further exploration of the property the officers found over 100 more rabbits and 27 Guinea pigs living in the dark, damp, feces covered fly infested basement of an abandoned house on the property. 
The NJSPCA put out the cry for help to local rabbit rescues who immediately jumped into action. Within hours volunteers were on site removing dirty, sick, and injured rabbits from maggot infested boxes to the safety of a carrier bound for a better life. Rescues from NJ, NY, CT, MD, VA, PA, DE, and even KY stepped up to help these poor animals. Vans, trucks, cars, and SUVs rolled in to load up as many carriers as they could fit and bring these animals to safety. Eighteen hours after the SPCA arrived on scene 291 rabbits, 27 Guinea pigs, 2 chickens, and a calf had been removed from the property. Some of the rabbits and Guinea pigs have already given birth since being rescued and we are certain more are pregnant, bringing the total number of rabbits involved in this rescue effort to well over 300.
These animals are now in the care of rescue organizations, but their journey is far from over. Many of these rabbits are sick. So far many have tested positive for coccidia, syphillis and upper respiratory infections. All of these bunnies have to be spayed and neutered. In addition to their medical expenses, the rescues will incur the cost of regular care for these babies- pellets, hay, fresh greens, bedding. 
The (discounted) cost of a spay/neuter is around $100 PER RABBIT. That puts the cost of spay/neuter alone at over $30,000. 
This does not include the cost of exam fees, antibiotics, and other medications that will be needed. 
A 10lb bag of quality pellets will feed 5 rabbits for about a week and costs $20. Not including the essential hay and greens a rabbit diet must contain, that puts the WEEKLY cost of feeding these rabbits right around $1200. 

To vet and care for 300 rabbits is going to cost these organizations upwards of $50,000. But that didn't stop them from stepping in to save lives. Please help defer the costs by donating to this fund. No amount is too small and all donations go directly to the rescues involved in this massive life saving effort. 

You can get information on fostering or adopting and see more photos and videos on our collaborative favebook page:

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." ~Edmund Burke


Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue & Education Center
Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue
Bunny Lu Adoptions:
Bergen County Animal Shelter:
Hug-A-Bunny Rabbit Rescue:
Hop Along Hollow:
Helping All Little Things (guinea pigs)
Precious Petz Rescue:
My Hope’s in You Small Animal Rescue:
Everybunny Counts
Bun Bun Brigade:
House Rabbit Society Southeastern PA-Delaware Chapter:
Willy’s Wabbits:
Kind Heart Rescue:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 14, 2017

Posted on March 14, 2017

UPDATE 3/14/17:
Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your very generous donations. We have attempted to send individual Thank You notes but are struggling with the You Caring site and most of them have come back as undeliverable.  If you did not receive your Thank You email we are very sorry but a huge thank you to all who have donated, shared, and otherwise supported this rescue effort.

At this time this is still an open case with the NJSPCA so we can't share too many details, but we are not giving up on pursuing charges being filed. At this time that has not yet happened. We will never give up though. These rabbits deserve justice and we want to send a message to the world that this is not okay.

Please continue to share this story and our page.

Now for some updates on the rabbits:

THE BEST NEWS: Some of our precious rabbits have found their forever homes!!!  

The four oldest rabbits all found a home together with a very nice family that has nursed them back to health.  They were in very rough shape when they got there and their medical bills were in the thousands. Today one of the four, Gerald, is still battling a chronic upper respiratory infection but he is finally getting the veterinary care and love he waited far too long to receive.

Stormy, our boy with a respiratory infection so severe he needed a nebulizer, has found his forever home with his rescuer, the kind lady who runs Precious Petz Rescue! He can finally breathe on his own and will never again have to live in filth and fear. 

Frankie- our Blue Eyed Boy (and Rabbits of Hampton FB page profile pic) has FINALLY been given a clean bill of health and was neutered yesterday. So he will soon be up for adoption through Willy's Wabbits.

Humphrey, our big boy found balancing on his food bowl like a circus elephant in an attempt to give his sore feet a rest from the wire floor of his cage, found what we thought was going to be his forever home with a very kind and loving family. Unfortunately he was returned to Hug-A-Bunny just a few days later when his adoptive family discovered they were allergic. They were heartbroken, but it was in Humphrey's best interest to find him a different home.  BUT- have no fear, a new forever family has been found and as of today, Humphrey is officially ON HOLD as his new forever family prepares to bring him home. 

One of our rescues took in six tiny bunnies all bonded to each other and was trying to determine how best to split them up to find them each homes because, lets be honest- nobody is going to adopt SIX rabbits at once! Except that someone did!! A volunteer heard about the plans to split the bunnies into 3 pairs and decided to adopt them all so they could stay together forever. Unfortunately just a few days later one of the bunnies suffered a heart attack and passed away.  The vets feel this was probably a result of chronic upper respiratory infection forcing the tiny bunny to struggle to breathe for far too long and weakening her heart.  We are saddened by the loss, but we take comfort in knowing she knew love and caring in her final months. Binky free sweet girl.

Remember Little Miss Magic - our little white fluff ball whose upper respiratory infection was so bad she lived in an incubator for weeks?! Well, the good new is, after weeks and weeks of intense veterinary care, she was able to be released from the incubator and she even found her forever home! Yay! The unfortunate news is that Miss Magic's severe respiratory infection was hiding the fact that she had developed lung cancer.  Her adoptive family was made aware of her grim prognosis and decided they were truly her forever, adopted her anyway, and will love her for whatever time she may have left.  

There are many more, but way too many to list here!

The not so great news:
Some of the Hampton Rabbits have crossed the rainbow bridge. Several to severe upper respiratory infections, a couple to lung cancer- likely from breathing in the ammonia soaked air for so long. Some others were simply too sick and help came too late.

Remember Dottie, the gray and white lop with bot fly holes the size of quarters, lots of bite marks, and fleas for days? Dottie was improving every day. She was doing so well.  Her breathing as improving, her infections were clearing up and we thought for sure she had won her battle.  Unfortunately we were wrong and Dottie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.
For these rabbits, and the thousands of others this happens to in the rabbit breeding industry, we will never stop fighting. We will fight for better standards of living set by the government. We will fight for harsher punishments for those found guilty of cruelty, neglect, and abuse. And we will fight for better education for the general public about domestic rabbits.

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts! We couldn't do this without each and every one of you.

With love and hope,
The Volunteers & Rescues of the Hampton Rabbits case

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