Trash Can Dump Bunnies (aka Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue)

For: 13 (now 50+ total) bunnies dumped from a trash can
Phoenix, AZ
Organizer: Katie Matheson and Paula Svendsen
Trash Can Dump Bunnies (aka Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue) (13 (now 50+ total) bunnies dumped from a trash can)
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The Story



On the evening of June 6th, a cowardly monster in human clothing, took a LARGE City of Glendale AZ trash can out of the bed of his truck and turned it upside down at a city park.

We were at the park feeding previously dumped bunnies* when we saw this occur. As we approached he threw the can in his truck and took off. We were totally shocked to see bunnies running everywhere!

At first we thought there to be about 20, but that was probably due to our panic and that of the poor bunnies.

Three wonderful people answered our emergency plea for help, Lisa Bogart a rabbit rescuer extraordinaire and two other fabulous people. By 11PM we had captured nine, the next night two more and on Thursday what we believe to be the final two, including "Mom" – 13 in all!

Katie and I made a PROMISE to these 4 to 5 month old bunnies plus Mom. They would be loved and we would find them furever homes!

Unfortunately, all the rescues and no kill shelters are full or they don't take rabbits, so the bunnies are currently all safe in Katie's house.

Anyone who has ever loved a rabbit knows that they are an expensive companion but worth every penny!

We made a PROMISE and need your help to keep it!

We need funds for food, housing and medical treatment. They all must be spayed or neutered before we can place them in loving homes.

Please won't you help us keep our PROMISE to these innocent little ones.

Thank you for being compassionate, thank you for caring, thank you for helping us to keep our PROMISE! (even a dollar helps)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 9, 2016

Posted on September 9, 2016

We originally rescued 13 bunnies dumped in a Glendale, Arizona park in June of this year. That number had doubled, yes doubled!  With the birth of kits and additional park rescues (meaning more food, spay and neuter costs) ...we are at 26 just from that one park. There are more still there...more that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to rescue.  

We appreciate past generosity and hope that we can count on everyone for continued support. 

Every bunny deserves a Furrytail Life??

Posted on July 31, 2016

Posted on July 31, 2016


It has been a while since our last update. Our original 13 bunnies has turned into 25.  With additional rescues from the park and the birth of 2 sets of 3 kits each to two of the females rescued  (another miscarried 3 kits).

We wish to sincerely thank those that have supported us and the bunnies! 

We have used the funds donated to date to get 9 males neutered 2 females spayed.  (All the rest will be neutered or spayed when either healthy enough or old enough.)  We have had several bunnies requiring medical treatment which has been costly. We have also had to purchase other items to house and care for them not to mention food! 

They are all doing well over all. Four bunnies have been adopted and many of the others are ready for adoption. If you have room in your home and heart for a bunny or 2 or 3...please contact me via our Facebook page, Trash Can Dump Bunnies aka Furrytail Life Rabbit Rescue. 

Thank you again and bless you for your kindness. 

Katie, Paula and the bunnies! 

Posted on July 6, 2016

Posted on July 6, 2016

13 now equals 18!  With two additional rescues and Momma Mia (our profile picture) having 3 kits recently we have 18 rescues to date.  This means more medical,  spay/neuter and food and housing costs.  I have had to edit our goal, adding an additional $500.  

Please donate if you can, no amount too small! 

Thank you 

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