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Hello, my name is Manny Sanoja. I’m an opera singer in my senior year studying at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I couldn't be more happy and excited to have booked my first leading opera role. To sing it in Paris France, one of the most respected music and cultural capitals of the world is truly a dream come true.

For 6 weeks in July and August, I will be involved in an intensive study and performance program that is designed specifically for emerging, professional opera singers. 

During my time in Paris, the curriculum I will participate in everyday will consist of role preparation, French language study, master-classes, coaching’s, voice lessons and career building; which includes the opportunity to sing for many European opera agents and to study with professionals from opera companies such as the famed Metropolitan Opera. 

Being a musician for me was not a choice in life; it was a calling. And many times, it hasn’t been the easiest of callings. In 2004, I lost my Dad suddenly to an unexpected accident. During this difficult time, I fell away from music for about 3 years and endured some tumultuous yet valuable life lessons. One of which was a firm affirmation that I needed to return to college and pursue my dreams in becoming a professional singer and musician. My Dad always wanted me to college and when I returned from my hiatus to a full tuition scholarship to USC, I knew that he had a part in that and I had made the right choice in both honoring my Dad’s wishes and following my true life’s path. 

To sing this role with the Franco American Vocal Academy in Paris France is definitely part of a dream come true for me. Your donations will not only fund one of my life long dreams of becoming a professional opera singer and to advance my career, but they will help be a part of the musical and cultural enjoyment for what will hopefully, one day, be a positive influence to millions of people around the world who share the common love of classical music.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

**If the full amount of the fundraiser cannot be met, I will not be able to participate in this program. All funds donated will be applied and saved for future musical projects and productions. 

***If my goal amount is exceeded, additional funds will be applied to the cost of PayPal fees, late flight booking and high euro to dollar exachange rates. 



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