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Fund for Langlois Children

$21,665raised of $25,000 goal

Organizer: Eileen Straiton Beneficiary: The Langlois Children

Help us raise money to help for the Langlois family during this extremely difficult time.

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***Eric Langlois is a resident of New Milford, CT who went missing Tuesday, June 11, 2013. He was last known to be at Lovers Leap in New Milford, CT. If you see him please contact the police. He has a wife and two children who want him to come home. New Milford police received a call from a woman Tuesday afternoon saying she'd heard a man crying for help. That set off the search. Langlois' uncle, Peter Poulin of Danbury, said his nephew had "hit his head pretty hard'' in the accident Monday. "We don't know where he is, if he is wandering around or if he fell in the water," Poulin said.***

The Langlois children attended my childcare program, Little Acorn Playgarden, for a number of years where they became like family to us.  Our hearts are breaking with each day that passes without their dad at home.  As we all feel so helpless right now, we are hoping this is another way for us to reach out and help.  As many of you know, Amber and Eric are self-employed together.  Every single penny donated will go to the Langlois family to help them in any way they need. Please consider donating what you can. 

Eileen Straiton 

Eric Langlois disappeared at Lover's Leap State Park in New Milford, CT on Tuesday, June 11th.  Friends and family have been frantically searching the woods and waters trying to find him ever since.  Eric has two beautiful children and a young wife who is expecting her third child on Christmas Day.  

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by Eileen Straiton
Thank you all so much - we have raised over $15,000!  With each day and night passing, Amber and the children will truly need as much help as we can provide them with.  Please consider forwarding and sharing the fundraising link to help us continue to find a way to ease their burden.  

by Eileen Straiton
Our beautiful community has already raised over $8500 for the Langlois family.  The bills keep coming whlie they search night and day for Eric.  Our hope is that this fundraiser will take some burden off their shoulders during this heart wrenching time.  As you know, Amber and Eric were self-employed photographers and worked together.  Please consider sharing this fundraiser link with family and friends.  

by Eileen Straiton
Thank you so much everyone.  We are up to $5310 for the Langlois family.  Please send this link to family and friends to spread the word. As you know Eric and Amber are partners and self-employed.  Any donation is welcome.  xoxo





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