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Sue VanderWaal's Children's Scholarship Fund

$4,135raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Jan Wrenn Beneficiary: The VanderWaal Children

In memory of a mother's devotion to her children. Sue VanderWaal's greatest joy in life was her children.

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In early 2012, Sue and her family learned that she had breast cancer.  She fought valiently through surgeries, radiation and chemo, and enjoyed every minute with family and friends. But the disease progressed to her brain and spine and Sue lost her battle on Saturday, February 22. 2014.

Sue loved her children and motherhood, and was involved in all their activities, from baseball and soccer games, to assisting in their projects for the fair each summer.  She taught in their Sabbath School classes, recorded their lives in videos, pictures and scrapbooks, and encouraged and supported their interests and hobbies.

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by Jan Wrenn
To all who donated to our children's education fund:

Thank you so much for your love, generosity, and continued prayers.  We feel so loved and supported and will be forever grateful for all that has been done to help us out in such a difficult time.  We are making it through and your wonderful gifts will help our kids continue their education in Sue's honor and memory.


Curt, Michael, Ben, and Emma
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