Send Alissa to College

$21,337raised of $25,000 goal

Beneficiary: Alissa Joy McDonald Organizer: Jim and Sue Delmege

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On Friday May 9, 2014, Alissa and her mother Deborah were traveling to see family for the weekend.  They had only just started the trip, and were driving on I-90, when a tragic accident occurred. Deborah did not survive the accident.  Miraculously, six year old Alissa managed to come out with a few scrapes and minor injuries. 


After the horrific events of this day, those who love both Alissa and her mom, Deb, want to see Alissa flourish in her future- a hopeful future that Deb always envisioned for her daughter. In order to help her towards this goal, the money raised will be set aside to fund her future education. 


Deborah was a devoted mother, and would do anything for her daughter. With her gone from this earth, we want to help her fulfill the hopes and dreams she had for her daughter. Together, we can join in being a part of a future hope for Alissa.

A note from Jim and Sue, May 13:
Thank you so much to all who have chosen to help Alissa through this fundraiser. After just a few days, we we are overwhelmed at the love and support shown for this precious girl. At the request of several people, we have even raised her goal, but no matter what the number is, we are extremly blessed to know there are so many people who love and care so much. As our hearts grieve the loss of Deb, our hearts are also filled with the love that has been poured out through this and many other ways during this time of sadness. Alissa will be facing so much in the coming years and you are helping make this one thing for her future a little brighter. Every gift is both a blessing to a little girl who needs your love and support, as well as an honor to her mother who always gave everything for her daughter.

Thank you so much and God Bless you!

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