Scholarship fund for Abused Children to Go to College

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Beneficiary: Shooting For The Stars Fund Organizer: Pamala, Sam, Stacy, and Janelle

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 Organizer Pamala, Sam, Stacy, and Janelle
We have started this scholarship fund because we have all been victims of sever child abuse, have grown up bounced all around the system and uncared for. I was abused by everyone in my family except for by 2 people. I lived with the family secret as many children do till I was 13 and was then taken away. When I was 18 the system just kicked me out with NO food, clothes, a place to stay, a job, nothing so I turned to whatever I could to survive as did the other ladies here. We hit our lows before someone finally founds us and cared enough to get us off the streets and helped us get an education in order to better ourselves and I ended up graduating from college with honors and a 4.0 GPA. SO we know want to show other young adults that their futures and thier lives are importnant to us. So Please help us, if care about our children who have been abused and neglected lets give them a reason to suceed and have hope for once in their young lives. We watch on the news everyday how another child has been killed, or is a victim of abuse by the hands of parents, teachers, the clergy, or others in power. I personally know what these kids are going through and how they feel and if just one person would have spoke up or tried to help me maybe the abuse and the destruction would have stopped. To many kids live with the secret of their abuse and feel like they are not worth anything that NO one loves them, NO one cares. Well me and some friends who have been in these kids shoes want to give some hope to these young adults. We have started a scholarship fund called Shooting For The Stars. We hope to give as many $5000 scholarships away that we can. So please help us if you feel it in you're hearts. Let's show these kids they matter. 

Pam, Sam, Stacy, and Janelle
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