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Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship

$3,511raised of $1,560 goal

Organizer: NWIEME Foundation Beneficiary: Scholarship Winner

. . The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship. .  . . The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is named for a great improviser and a wonderful friend who landed in Chicago in January 2011 and made a huge...

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The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship


The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is named for a great improviser and a wonderful friend who landed in Chicago in January 2011 and made a huge impression on our community over the following two years.  His drive and excitement was infectious.  His love of laughter and supportive nature made him an important part of any team.  He left a Nick Wieme sized hole in all of our hearts, and it is for that reason that we hope his memory will forever be a part of the Chicago Improv Community.  Nick grew up in the small town of Pipestone, Minnesota with two older brothers, loving parents, and a network of wonderful family and friends that instilled in him love and support perfect for the art of improvised theatre.  As a kid he developed a love for comedy and making short films that he took to Minnesota State University Moorhead.  There he honed his skills in stand-up comedy and directing his shorts.  When he graduated he made the move to Chicago to study at iO and the Annoyance.  His Midwestern kindness made him an easy friend and an integral member of every class.  He was constantly working on his next video, writing ideas, and running full steam ahead.  He rarely filmed a scene more than once, believing that the scene was as right as it was going to get from that first take.  His brain moved fast, faster than the rest of us could keep up—and that was all part of the magic of our friend Nick Wieme.  We treasure his time in our lives and in the Chicago Improv Community—a community that will never be the same as it was when he was part of it.



The Mission of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is to award improvisers the opportunity to study improvisational theater in Chicago who exhibits financial need and a desire to learn an art form that prides itself on taking care of others, making your scene partner look good, being supportive on and off stage, never judging yourself or those around you, and thinking fast on your feet.



The Vision of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship is to be a self-sustaining scholarship program for the benefit of students of improv in Chicago.  Through fundraising and personal donations the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship will only benefit the recipients of the scholarships and the memory of its namesake.



The Values of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship are caring for those around you, a dedication to comedy, a love of “Good Choices” and finding joy in everything a performer can do on an improv stage.



The Goals of the Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship are to:

  • Provide scholarships to improvisers in financial need.
  • Fundraise to provide those scholarships.
  • Further strengthen the Chicago Improv Community by remembering a great friend and reminding everyone that the rules that help us create great scenes on stage are the same guidelines that can provide for fantastic friendships.
  • Grow the scholarship to an endowment to allow the scholarship to continue for many years.
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by NWIEME Foundation
We are winding down to the last two weeks of our very first fundraiser and donations are still coming in. As always thank you to everyone who donated and to those who shared this page with others. The support is so wonderful and very much appreciated. Thank you - thank you - thank you!

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by NWIEME Foundation
Big thanks to iO Chicago

by NWIEME Foundation
Thank you.

We'd simply like to thank each and every supporter today. We are working out the details to get the scholarship up and running so individuals can start applying. But it is bcause you, everyone who gave what they could, that this is even possible. 

Supporters, thank you!

by NWIEME Foundation

Nick in action!

Our good friend, Dino was kind enough to make a video montage of Nick's performaces from iO Chicago. After one year of classes and training at iO Chicago, students would perform together for an eight week run of shows on Sunday nights. Each show unique, never to be duplicated. 

After the graduation shows, Nick was placed on the iO Harold team, Villian. This year Villian was named "Best New Harold Team of the Year" at the Del Close Awards last week in Chicago. 

Check out the video here:

by NWIEME Foundation

Goal -----> Doubled!

by NWIEME Foundation

.... $3,120

... can we??

Double it?

by NWIEME Foundation

$50 away from $2,500!!

Thank you to everyone who made The Annoyance Theater a packed house this past Sunday! It was a joyous event to celebrate an afternoon of Wieme.

For the individuals who spoke, or helped create a video - there was so much love and laughter in one room because of you! Of course thank you for those who helped organize the event and to Mick and Jen for lending their space!

Supporters, you're wonderful! Facebook 'likers', flawless PR work!

"I can only donate $5 ?" -says reader who is more than likely indoors for the next 24 hours due to the Mid West snow storm. 

***  $5 helps, $1 does count, sharing our page with friends  ***  Everything counts!  ***

by NWIEME Foundation

Nick Night at The Annoyance

Sunday, March 3 at 3pm: The Annoyance Theater will host Chicago's tribute show for Nick. In honor of a great friend the theater will be filled with family, friends, performers, teachers and classmates to celebrate the life of Nick. 

"Love is being stupid together." - Paul Valery

Come get stupid with us.

by NWIEME Foundation

$1,560 ----> $2,000 and counting...

by NWIEME Foundation

Keep on keeping on!

Dare we dream of reaching $2,000....

by NWIEME Foundation

"Cool man, they made their goal!! ...but I still would like to donate."

- said the attractive person reading these updates.

Yes, we mean you!

If you would still like to donate, PLEASE DO!! We really want this to be such a successful scholarship that we have the ability to not only keep it running for years to come but to help out as many kids as possible. 

You donators made our day! Go ahead and take Monday off from work, you deserve it. 

by NWIEME Foundation


Thank you ALL!! The donations, getting the word out, the overall support - thank you!

Step one. Complete!

by NWIEME Foundation


Keep us in your news feeds, tweet us, share us - let's make this happen!

by NWIEME Foundation

Why $1560?

It is a specific number for a reason. It's the tuition amount for one year of improv classes at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago.  

If Nick wasn't taking a class, you might have seen him attending a show, on stage to perform himself, or sitting in their bar lounge reading a book. He enjoyed all things Annoyance. 

It's our great honor to work with Mick Napier and The Annoyance Theater to host the beneficiary of The Nick Wieme Improv Scholarship

More information about The Annoyance here:

by NWIEME Foundation

Just about $500 away from our goal!

This is amazing - keep spreading the word! Thank you thank you thank you to our donators!

by NWIEME Foundation


Thank you to all who have already donated and for the ones who keep us in their social news feeds and continue to spread the word.

Everything you can do is always appreciated.  Thank you everyone!

by NWIEME Foundation

Whether it’s $1 or $100 please help to make The Nick Wieme Scholarship a success in its inaugural year.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. We are already almost half way!





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