Love, Lillith

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Invest in her brain. We're all aware of how much Lillith has done for our community, and she's ready to do so much more. (SO much more!) But she needs our help! After hitting a cap on her financial aid (even though she was told she wouldn't), Lillith is now faced with coming up with $23,000 or losing her chance at getting her PhD in Psychology. She's one year away...and it's now or never. Due to time limitations of her program, Lillith's internship must be completed this year. Let's prove life wrong and give everything we can to make this happen. The investment is worth it. She is worth it. We're one year away from having a phenomenal resource for the community. For anyone who has ever struggled to find a therapist who understands gender, who nurtures the queer community, who is sex positive, who doesn't judge kink and poly relationships, and who can provide those letters after their signature that show years and years and years of study, now is our chance. Let's invest in Lillith. There's a whole lot of hope riding behind her name. I believe we can do it. Do you?

Lillith's family has dug deep into their pockets and searched high and low for resources to help get her to Miami. They've already contributed $2,000 to confirm her enrollment and keep her journey moving forward. Now it's our turn.

Imagine the years she has spent working towards this goal. The years of running into barriers and surpassing them all. The years of late nights, missing friends, working hard. The years of exhaustion and motivation that have gotten her here. To have all of that taken away at the last minute is more devastating than we can allow. Please help me keep Lillith from experiencing that devastation. Every little bit helps. Do only what you can.

Thank you,
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