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Help me pay for law school.

$2,740raised of $9,000 goal

Organizer: Lizbeth Mateo Beneficiary: Lizbeth Mateo

I have been admitted to Santa Clara Law School and I will be starting this Fall. This has been a childhood dream of mine, but I need your help to make it a reality! Thanks for your support!

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My name is Lizbeth Mateo and I'm undocumented, I was born in Oaxaca and raised in Los Angeles. 

As some of you may already know, I started law school on August 13, only days after being released from the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, where I spent a total of 17 days detained with 8 other Dreamers (#Dream9). 
While I was given a partial scholarship, it will not be enough to cover tuition and books. A day before crossing the border with the Dream 9 in Nogales I paid part of my tuition, but only enough to secure my spot at Santa Clara School of Law. I still owe a considerable amount of money. 
Attending law school has always been a dream of mine, and I had been forced to put it off for financial reasons and the uncertainty of not having legal status. But I am absolutely determined to make this happen and to enjoy every minute of it, even when things get tough. So I am asking for your help. I want to do this for myself, for my family, and for my community. I want to do it for the people that my family and I left behind when we moved to this country; those who I hope to see again someday, and those who are no longer here but who watch over us from a better place. 

Would you help me make this a reality? I cannot thank you enough for your support!! 
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by Lizbeth Mateo
I want to thank all of you who have donated to my tuition fund. I cannot begin to tell you what this means for me. I am very close to makign the next mayment thanks to all of you.

Quiero darle las gracias a todos los que han donado a mi fondo escolar. Estoy muy cerca de poder pagar la siguiente cuota de la universidad gracias a todos ustedes. 

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