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5th Grade Camping Fundraiser - Outdoor education to enrich

$225raised of $1,000 goal

Organizer: Ernesto Martinez-Ordaz Beneficiary: Camp Fundraiser

My girlfriend is a 5th grade teacher. Her students are going on an outdoor ed/overnight field trip in May. Any help to offset the cost of this trip and enrich the lives of these kids would be amazing!

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We'll be hosting a Bowling Fundraiser on Monday to raise funds for this camping trip. We know it might not be enough - that is a reason we've started this fundraising page, to hopefully get more funding to offset costs for each child that is going to this trip. 

This would help their parents send them, and also enrich the lives of these children with outdoor activities.

Even if you can donate $1, it would be a great gift.
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by Ernesto Martinez-Ordaz
THank you all so much for your contributions! This is great and you are helping kids camp for the first time in their lives!

Thank you.
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by Ernesto Martinez-Ordaz
Thank you first three supporters! Thank you so much!
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