Zip's medical extras: Lets help him get adopted!

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Beneficiary: Zip's Superhero Fund Organizer: Friends of Zip

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(See alternate donation ideas and allocation information below, and thanks!)

Zip was surrendered to a kind hearted veterinarian after his family found out he is diabetic. Zip is a VERY special senior  guy who acts like a puppy when he is feeling well. Because his family left him at the vet, he is not sponsored by any shelters or rescue groups.

That means his medical extras are not covered, and this creates a barrier to adoption for many people who would otherwise be delighted to give Zip a home. The goal here is to subsidise his care so that those extra medical costs don't stand in the way. 

Zip is currently living with a foster family which includes four cats and two big dogs. He loves them all! His costs are covered for the next 30 days, but his foster family could sure use the help with some of his needed items as well. 


Where does my money go?

All donations will be used to pay for:

Diet- Zip's food runs approximately $2.50/day

Bloodwork: He will need one to two complete blood panels with fructosamine per year ($169/each)

Medical expenses: If he needs to make an extra trip due to hypoglycemia or seizure related to his diabetes, that can be over $200

Insulin: $80-132 every 50 days

Syringes: Those run $20-35 per box


Alternate Donation Method:

If you want to make a donation but don't want to do so online, here are some ways you can help:

*we buy Zip's food at Muttz in Westminster, CO. A donation can be made for Zip's food in the form of a gift card or account credit.

* We can buy his insulin syringes and insulin at Wal-Mart at the best cost.

*If you would rather send funds to the "Zip Fund" at our veterinarian, donations can be sent directly to:

Broadlands Veterinary Clinic

3800 W 144th Ave #1500

Broomfield, CO 80023

(303) 410-8522

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