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Street Dogs of Little Haiti Miami

$588raised of $1,000 goal

Organizer: Miami Pet Assistance Coalition Beneficiary: Miami Pet Assistance Coalition

Miami Pet Assistance Coalition needs funds to help get more dogs off the streets of Miami & into loving homes.

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Miami Pet Assistance Coalition is a group of Miami residents living near the area of Little Haiti. 

This Area has an epidemic of dogs living on the streets.  They are not receiving the proper medical care and nutrition and all too often they are sadly hit my cars and killed or injured, yet no one stops to help them.

We have rescued one or two at a time out of our own pockets but this is not enough! We need to pull together to help these dogs & demand change.

We want to achieve this by pulling dogs from the street and into foster homes where they will recieve vetting & love until they are adopted into forever homes.

We also wish to provide some community education, pet food banks and spay neuter services to dogs with owners in these neighborhoods. 

But we can not do it alone!  

Thank you for your support!!

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