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Sparkle- Little pony

$140raised of $3,500 goal

Organizer: Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue Beneficiary: Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue

Sparkle is a Shetland Pony who was badly abused & neglected, we had no idea the horrific sight we would find upon arrival. Unfortunately her stall mate did not survive the horror

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Angel Haven Ranch & Rescues mission is to save as many unfortunate victims of the horse world as we humanly can. Sparkle is one of these. We were told that the lady & her daughter were still riding her, and that she was in decent shape, to our horror we found a terrible sight.
At AHRR we provide care for abused, abandoned, neglected, aged and unwanted horses or those horses that can no longer be cared for by their owners for whatever reason. We accept them in any condition and do everything in our power to provide needed care and veterinary services. Each horse placed into our care will have our full effort to ensure that it will never end up in a slaughter house or in a auction ring. We promise we are dedicated to providing only qualified homes with dedicated families for any horse in need, but we need your help & support to help us do this. We are a non-profit and we work off of donations only. Without your help we couldn't help animals like Sparkle in their time of need. PLEASE support our fight, PLEASE donate to Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue, help us stop this abuse to these wonderful beasts. Please...
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by Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue
Thank you to those who are helping us fight for Justice for Sparkle & for all the other horses that have been dumpped in back yards & forgotten or abused. We have raised $140 towards our battle in stopping this kind of treatment in these wonderful beings. Please help us to continue to raise the funds we need in order to do home checks. even if it is a dollar it helps. 
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