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Sonny, a 3yr old lab needs surgery after being hit by a car.

$6,167raised of $8,000 goal

Organizer: Freedom Tails Rescue Beneficiary: Freedom Tails Rescue

A Man (Frank) & His Dog (Sonny) need your help after a very unfortunate hit and run accident! Sonny required surgery to repair his broken leg and Frank is a disable vet on a fixed income!

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Frank was walking his faithful companion, Sonny, on Thanksgiving when they both were hit by a car. Frank was only lightly scathed by the car, yet Sonny sustained much more serious injuries, despite Frank's attempt to protect his loyal companion. The driver of the vehicle sped away, leaving both of them in their dust. Police are still searching for the driver.

Frank is a disabled veteran on a fixed income. He is not on Facebook, nor is he fully aware of our effort to help him. In addition to everything with Sonny, his wife was in a serious accident a few weeks ago, which resulted in the majority of the bones in her body being broken; she will not walk again. His wife is supposed to come home on December 7th.

Sonny was rescued from the animal shelter by Frank and his wife when he was just a puppy. He came to them as skin and bones, and Frank's wife nursed him back to health. Today, Sonny is a happy and healthy 3 year old Labrador retriever. He has maintained a wonderful temperament despite the pain he must be in. Sonny still embodies a happy go lucky attitude and the sweetest temperament. Frank took him to three separate vets after the accident, but was unable to afford the cost to help Sonny. The vet provided pain medication until Frank received his next check.

Sonny's leg was broken very high up, near his hip. To save his leg was going to cost nearly $5,000 and to amputate would cost around $3,000. None of the vets would make payment arrangements with Frank to help Sonny. He felt like he was out of options and his loyal companion was suffering. Frank took Sonny to the vet to be humanely euthanized for $130, when he felt he was out of options.

The vets office contacted Freedom Tails Animal Rescue to see if they could help before Frank lost his loving companion. With tremendous support and a few phone calls, we have managed to get Sonny into a vet and he had surgery today (12/5/13) to repair the break. Best of all Sonny gets to keep his leg!!! The vet agreed to take payments and we managed to come up with $500 of the $3,000 required for the repair surgery. Frank will be keeping Sonny, but is uncertain how he is going to pay off the rest of the cost for the surgery. Sonny is still in surgery as we create this page and post our plea to help Frank.

Beyond the cost of surgery, there will likely be continued follow up visits and care for Sonny. This holiday season, can you give up your morning coffee and donate that towards Sonny's care? As a community, we are confident we can help Frank pay for the care Sonny required without worrying about where he will find the funds.

Alternatively, you can also call donations in directly to Dobson Ranch Animal Hospital at (480) 838-2503.  Let them know your donation is for "Sonny!"


by Freedom Tails Rescue
It is with great sadness that we announce Sonny will in fact require his leg be amputated.  He is under the care of Dobson Ranch Animal Hospital and will enter into a medical foster after his surgery.  Sonny is non-weight bearing on the leg at this point.

It was discovered this week that Sonny has a MRSA infection that has penetrated the bone, the bone has not healed and fragments are floating in his leg.  Given the extent of the MRSA, the best course of action is to remove his leg.  This is an additional $1,500.  Freedom Tails spent $500 in fresh x-rays and cultures of the infection, as well as moderate cleaning of the site.

Once again, we are asking the public to help off set the costs.  Thank you for all of your caring generosity!

by Freedom Tails Rescue
We called Arrow Animal Hospital this morning and have paid off the entire balance for Sonny's surgery!  Our next call is to Frank.

We know there will be more expenses to come with follow up visits and additional x-rays, so your continued support is appreciated beyond words. The generosity of complete strangers had Frank in tears during last nights interview with ABC15 News. We are hoping this is the last of surgery, but we won't know for certain for 8-10 weeks if everything heals the way we hope.

From Frank and Freedom Tails Rescue, THANK YOU!

by Freedom Tails Rescue
Frank & Sonny were on ABC15 tonight sharing their story!

by Freedom Tails Rescue
Sonny is on his way home with Frank to continue his recovery!!!  Sonny did great during his surgery yesterday. The Vet is a little concerned about one of the breaks and is worried that it may not hold the pin. If the leg does not heal properly, amputation is still a possibility.  But for now he gets to go home to heal and he still has his leg!

by Freedom Tails Rescue
UPDATE: Sonny will have surgery today at 10am. He still needs donations, his owner Frank has been through a lot these past few weeks. Frank is a good samaritan who not only helps the homeless but also rescued Sonny from county a few years back when Sonny needed someone to step up the most. He was skin and bones and scared. Frank's wife was recently in a car accident herself and can no longer walk. She will be coming home on the 7th. Frank will have a lot on his plate, financial support will help ease a little of his worries. He is an older gentleman that is on a fixed income. He loves his dog, if you are able to donate even a few dollars it would be greatly appreciated. Nothing is too small. Lets help a man and his best friend. Thank you to everyone who has already donated and also to those who aren't able to donate but have shared. Sonny wouldn't still be here today without your donations.





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