Scooter the tiny Boston Terrier

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Update 1/11/14

It's with a very very heavy heart and deep sadness that I have to report that little Scooter did not make it through the night. Robyn just called me hysterical at the loss of her baby. He fought a good fight to stay alive and I know everyone did the best they could but his little body just couldn't fight anymore. 

Please please pray for Robyn and her family, as well as the Vet and his staff. This has effected them all very deeply because everyone was so rooting for this little guy. 

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. For all the love and care those gave to this sweet boy and his family. 

God Bless Robyn for doing all you could to save Scooter. 

Fly like a sweet angel now Scooter. We love you 

Scooter was bitten by anoter dog last Friday.  Robyn rushed him to the vet, Dr. John Hendrickson of Wayside Vet Clicnic in Rossville Indiana.  

Dr. Hendrickson is working with Robyn to treat the wounds at home which are very painful for Scooter and mom Robyn.  

Dr. Hendrickson's Clinic is Wayside Veterinary Clinic and donations can also be sent to his office at :

Wayside Veternary Clinic
52 E. Main Street
Rossville, IN 46065
Phone : 765-379-2226

Scooter may lose his leg if the infection gets worse so time is of the essence for him.

Thank you for all your love and support to him.
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