Saving the senior and special needs dachshunds!

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Global Dachshund X was formed out of an intense desire to change the lives of Dachshunds who find themselves homeless one dog at a time. Those that have been abandoned and alone through no fault of their own. We pledge to not overlook the ones who are old, who are hurt.

Our first official rescue was an IVDD dog name Chloe who had been dumped at a kill shelter in North Carolina. Then along came Sally, a gorgeous young dachshund in a rural Florida shelter where the animals have no advocates or exposure. Jack, a stray senior dachshund in Tampa, FL arrives at Global Friday, August 30th. We already have 4 more seniors on the watch list in Florida and 3 in Texas. We need donations to vet the two newest members of GDX and plan ahead for the next round of seniors. 

Senior dachshunds are special little pets! They are often sent packing to the shelter or simply dumped out the back door when they start to show their age. Our #1 goal is to help the senior dachshund shelter population. 

There are many rural shelters in the south that work very hard to give animals as long as they possible can. These shelters aren't well staffed and the animals pictures and "marketing" just never happens. Our #2 goal is to reach out to these shelters and help get those dachshunds of any age out and on their way to forever homes. An example of this is two gorgeous senior ladies that ended up in Milton, FL in June. The petharbor pictures are awful. You can't even really tell what kind of dog they are. This shelter isn't allowed a FB page, so if another rescue group had not reached out to us to help, these poor ladies would have just withered there. If we can raise enough funds, we hope to get them out and on their way to great homes for the golden years!

Our goals are lofty and the dogs we are helping and want to help require extensive vetting. 

A great friend of our rescue, to honor her Bosco that went to the RB this summer, is matching donations up $1,000, in what we are calling Double Doxie dollars. 


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