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Save Si

$1,391raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: west texas diamonds in the ruff Beneficiary: Si the Crooked leg pup

Si was found out on a county road and MHC directed them to West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff. His front legs are malformed and he has issues walking. He needs surgery to fix the issue!

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This little boy has been
dubbed Uncle Si due to his
white beard. He was found
off a county road in
Midland, Texas

His finders took him to
Midland Humane Coalition
to find help. They directed
them to  West Texas
Diamonds in the RuFF.

Unknown to us at the time
of intake Si was hiding a
little secret that was not
obvious until he stood up.

Si's front legs are abnormal.
Bowing & buckling at the
lower joints causing him to
be unable to walk upright &
ulcerations on his legs.

Si went in for xrays on his
legs in December and has been
evaluated thouroughly on the best treatment
methods. After careful consideration it has
been determined that the best approach is surgery. 

Help us raise the money for this little guy
Lets give him a chance at a happy and healthy life!

Please help us help Uncle Si so that he can prepare to find his forever home.

To help please donate online or mail to

A to Z Veterinary Clinic
8535 W State Highway 158
Midland, TX 79707
Account West Texas Diamonds in the RuFF

Help us help Si have the best future possible!

Thank you!

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