Save a girl's best friend, save Sassy DONATE TODAY

$800raised of $6,000 goal

Beneficiary: "Sassy" Organizer: Adam Clarey for Sabrina Jolin

This fundraiser is closed
Sassy was tragically hit by a car last night and the driver did not stop to offer assistance. Sassy was rushed to the local vet after hours and was determined to need pelvis repair on one side while the other side is severely fractured, her paw also needs reconstructed. The local vet determined this will require a specialist in Omaha, NE and the cost will exceed $6,000. If this cannot be raised Sassy will have to be put down.

Sassy has been Sabrina's loyal friend and companion for over 3 years now. If you have a pet you can only imagine what this is like. With all of the hustle and bustle of the world today please take a minute to Pay it Forward and help save Sassy. All it takes is a few dollars to make a difference. Give up that lunch out today, that beverage from the gas station, whatever it might be...and help save a girl's best friend.

Thank you all in advance for your caring generosity!
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