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Earlier this year, I took Rugby to the Raintree Animal Hospital because he was having a hard time using the litter box.  The vet said he had a urinary obstruction.  "Obstructions are often the result of plugs of inflammatory material or small calculi or "stones" that have formed in the kidneys and have passed down into the bladder."  

The vet took him in for emergency treatment.  His bladder was flushed through a catheter.  Unfortunately, this was an expensive treatment.  I was blessed by help from family to pay for it.  Rugby went back to the vet this morning and I can't borrow money from family this time.

Rugby is being catheterized again today.  The vet is optimistic about the short term effects.  There is a long term concern, though.  If he gets blocked again, he will need surgery to physically change how he urinates.  It is called perineal urethrostomy.  This is a very expensive surgery.  He will also need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life.  Any and all help will be a blessing to this special kitty that has been nothing but love and cuddles since he was born in my best friend's closet three years ago.  Thank you again and God bless.
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