Rescue kitty Arielle needs MAJOR dental

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Arielle is a female Siamese Lynx Point who was rescued from a horrific hoarder situation in MA and as a result of the severe conditions she endured she lost her eye. On top of this she was very frightened, underweight, fleas, mites and to top it off at just barely one she was pregnant. She gave birth to 6 kittens, two died after weeks of medical efforts and the other 4 made it but with LOTS of care and love. Arielle remained with us instead of being adopted out as well as two of her offspring (Speedy & Clyde)who both had medical & behavioral issue. She has learned to trust again and love her caretakers and feline and canine rescue friends. SHe is now in need of a major life surgery. She has SEVERE dental disease and is having a MAJOR dental surgery on November 19, 2013. It is estimated to cost $2,000. She needs this in order to keep her organs functioning properly and be able to live a pain free life. Please help us allow Arielle to jump ths one last hurdle and live out the rest of her life painfree and surrounded by love. Thank you in advance for helping, if anyone needs a copy of the vet estimate please PM me I am happy to provide it or any other details needed.  
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