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Please Save Priya!

$355raised of $650 goal

Organizer: Hen Harbor Beneficiary: Hen Harbor

Priya the little ex-battery cage hen is in desperate need of surgery to remove a mass clogging her oviduct. Without surgery, she will die within a few weeks. (Scroll down to use Paypal link.)

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Priya is one of around 100 hens who came to Hen Harbor from a factory egg farm almost a year ago. Since her arrival, Priya has seen several of her sisters succumb to reproductive problems (cancer, decimated oviducts) owing to the unnaturally rapid rate at which they were forced to lay eggs.

Recently, Priya was found with a huge mass of hardened egg material stuck inside her abdomen. The mass is so large that it is pressing on her air sacs and she is having a hard time breathing. 

However, there is hope for her with surgery. Although surgery is risky, if the mass is successfully cut out, little Priya can go on to live a healthy, full life without the burden of egg production. (Her surgery would include a spaying to permanently stop egg production.)

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