Please Help Angus Stand on Four Paws Again!

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I am raising money for my brother's family dog Angus. Angus is a healthy 5 year old dog that was recently diagnosed with Wobblers disease which led to him not being able to walk. Angus is absolutely cherished by their daughter Autumn, since she was born she has loved him. She cuddles with him and when he could walk, she would follow him everywhere. When he lost the ability to walk, she would always ask why is he always sleeping? Which coming from a 2 year old is heart breaking! 
They took Angus to the CSU vet hospital where they operated on him. The doctors said it went well. They predicted it would be at least 3 months before he would even possibly be able to attempt to start walking. It has been two months and he is walking, just not the greatest. He is unable to stand on his own and needs to build muscle and endurance. Because of this he still needs a lot of rehab. The surgery, the MRI, and the rehab cost around $13,000 which is a lot of money especially since they just had a baby. With the new baby and the medical expenses they just can't afford to keep up with all the medical expenses anymore. They couldn't bear losing a member of the family and devastating their little girl. Please help out in any way you can! Any amount big or small will help!
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