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Pet Guardian - Animals Need Rescue Cottage

$335raised of $400 goal

Organizer: Annette Beneficiary: Pet Guardian Pet Service,Inc.

Help us build a rescue cottage for suffering animals . We have a piece of property donated to us to build the cottage. Pictures and video below - Let's save more! we need help to do this.

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Pet Guardian Pet Service, Inc.
In Virginia Beach, Virginia is a 501 c 3 non profit organization.
Our Mission is to assist and network for companion animals in need of help.
Our Desire is to act as guardians to those who have no voice.
Our Focus is to find options for those in Crisis.
Many are abused,neglected,hopeless and need a safe place.
Our Purpose is to have compassion and stop suffering.
Pet Guardian is operated by a handful of volunteers and we receive no outside funding.
Donations are critical to continue our mission to save animals.
donations are tax deductible
pay pal  at

God Bless
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by Annette
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by Annette
we have raised $ 605.00 we are getting there.
We want to remember Mia and save more animals in her memory.

by Annette
Thank-you to my friends who are giving me hope that this is meant to be.
we are going to name the building after Mia a sweet rescue who we lost after a seizure.
 we rescued her from a kill shelter and it hurts us bdly that we lost her, so in honor of Mia
we want to continue our mission in her name.

by Annette
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