Lumen's Recovery

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Beneficiary: Lumen Organizer: Texas Husky Rescue

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A poor young husky, now named Lumen, was hit and run over by a car on July 24th.  Due to the financial burden of her needs she was surrendered to Texas Husky Rescue for proper rehabilitation instead of being put to sleep. 

Lumen is a little girl, just under 40 lbs. Her injuries include a seriously dislocated/fractured pelvis, bruised lungs, and some carious scrapes. Texas Husky Rescue transported Lumen to a veterinarian, Aggieland, near Texas A&M University; shortly after arriving at the vet she was transferred to the A&M Animal Hospital due to the severity of her pelvis injuries. Lumen will now be under round the clock supervision. 

The vet student in charge of her case said she possibly has an infection brewing from her injuries so they are going to keep a close eye on that. The displacement/fracture of her pelvis is very bad so they really want to do surgery as soon as they can without rushing it. Right now, they are shooting for Monday and will keep her comfortable with lots of pain medication between now and then.
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