Injured Service Dog Needs Your Help!

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Beneficiary: Nerissa Cannon Organizer: Jordan McIlrath

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Cash is currently being trained by his handler to become her psychiatric service dog. He is a quick learner and continues to surprise Nerissa everyday! He has become her world, her hope and her new way of life.

On July 6th Cash was struck by a vehicle and ran, scared and injured into the vast Colorado woods. After searching for two days straight, Cash found his way home. He was limping and in serious pain. 

The local vet said that Cash was dehydrated, multiple lacerations, dozens of infected insect bites and a possible broken jaw. After stabilizing him, he was transported to a larger vet in Grand Junction.

The vet in Grand Junction has has cleaned some of the wounds and taken several Xrays. Cash is still dehydrated, but they are giving him fluids and pain meds. Tomorrow 7/9, the vet hopes to sedate him to clean his wounds better and get better x-rays of his jaw, which they are pretty sure is broken. If it is in fact broken, rough cost estimates are looking to be over $2000. His handler just started a new job and can't afford the bill right now. Please help all you can! Cash is much more than a pet, he is what get's Nerissa through the day. 

I will update as often as possible! Any money left over after bills will be donated to the local pit bull rescue!
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