Help Yogurt, innocent victim of animal hoarding

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Beneficiary: Mid Hudson Animal Aid Organizer: Mid Hudson Animal Aid Cat Sanctuary

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Yogurt is a beautiful girl who lived in filth and squalor with over 50 other cats. She truly was rescued from the brink of despair, malnutrition and illness. She  knew nothing of having her basic needs of food and water met. The comforting touch of human kindness was foreign to her. Her mouth was so infected that all but her canine teeth have had to be removed.  Although she gets regular love and attention, she is shy and learning to trust. Mid Hudson Animal Aid is Yogurt's safe haven while she recovers and waits for her forever home. Many of her house mates are also with us and have had extreme medical needs. Please donate today to offset the costs of Yogurt's medical expenses and to be a partner in her healing.

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