Help Save Finley!

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My 4.5 month old Yorkie puppy needs to have surgery on her liver to save her life.  She was born with a liver shunt, and her symptoms have progressed since I got her as a baby.  In the last week, the level of toxins in her 3 lb little body have reached dangerous levels.  Last night (4/4/13), she nearly died.  I rushed her to the emergency animal hospital from the regular vet where she is being kept stable.  I am in the process of arranging a plan of action and scheduling surgery to keep her alive.  Most dogs that have this surgery lead long and healthy lives afterward.  I couldn't ruin her chance at a happy life, but the costs are too much for me to bear alone.  Please open your hearts and help in any amount that is possible for you.  Thank you to all who have sent their love and support during this very sad and stressful time. 
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