Help Oliver Donovan with his vet bills

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You might have first met Oliver Donovan from his feature in Cute Overload (, but his daily antics have continued to entertain cats and their families for several years now, courtesy of his Facebook page:

Just read this and see if you don't squeal with delight: um well my name is Oliver Donovan and i was born with my twin sister Emmette in may of 2005 in a barn somewhere in the tri-cities of Washington um and i became famousish on myspace when Cute Overload posted about me in 2006 and but my mom didn't let me have a facebook until 2010 on account of she said i was too young but now i'm eight years old anyways some things about me are i can't meow like most cats do i sound like a duck with laryngitis and i mostly act like a puppy and i like to cuddle with my sister and mom and ladies who visit me um and if you google things like "stoned kitty" my picture comes up a lot because someone made an lolcat of it but i totally wasn't stoned in that picture my mom accidentally turned on the camera flash and nobody is allowed to smoke around me anyhow because i have asthma um also my nicknames are oliber, oliber donoban, oliburton, burton, burton bug, baby bug, bug, buggy, buggy-boo, ham, hammy, hammytron, ham pants, hammy pants, hamster pants, handsome pants, ham sandwich, handsome sandwich, hamsicle sandwich pants and little man um thank you for being my friend okaybye.

Now Oliver, who has congestive heart failure and had health problems for most of his life, has been back in the emergency vet clinic off and on for the past month. His mom aka the secretary has been so generous in sharing Oliver and his twin sister Emette with all of us, their adoring fans, and I wanted to try to help in some small way by creating this fundraiser to help offset some of the high vet bills.

Galia, Telo, and Camille
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