Help Give Frankie (formerly known as "Fatboy") a New LIfe

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Beneficiary: Frankie, Australian Shepherd mix Organizer: Dawn Wetherbee Vargas

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This adorable 3 month old Aussie mix was only doing what puppies do, grabbing a snack left unattened by his owner. What happened next is repulsive! Once his "owner" discovered what Frankie had done, he picked Frankie up by the neck and threw him off the porch, breaking his front paw.  

His former owner was charged with torturing or maiming of an animal and is getting deported as it was discovered during this incident that he is in the country illegally.  Fortunately, Frankie's current cargiver has agreed to relinquish the puppy as she cannot afford to treat his injury.  Unfortuantely, Frankie's injury has been left untreated for over two weeks with only pain meds as his "treatment."  He needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible so his injury can be addressed and he can go on to live the life every dog deserves to filled love, care, and happiness.  One thing is for sure, Frankie will never know abuse like this again!  

If you feel moved to do so, please help with Frankie's vet expenses by making a donation via this fundraising link.  If you prefer to make a donation directly to the vet's office instead, you can call them during M-F during normal business hours at (989) 799-6859 and reference the Frankie/Paetz account.  

Below is the news link to Frankie's story.

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