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Funding Trouble's Troubles

$1,345raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Chelsea Senquiz Beneficiary: Ashton Bush and Chelsea Senquiz

Trouble is an amazing war veteran who deployed five times and saved so many lives and now she needs help. Please help us help Trouble get proper therapy and care in her retired life.

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Trouble joined our family two years ago after her and Ashton deployed together to Afghanistan. After that deployment, she was retired as she had done five deployments and was eight years old. Trouble never missed a beat and still loves to work as much as possible; however, Trouble has just turned ten and unfortunately her five deployments are taking a toll on her body. Military War Dogs get no VA benefits, so the finances fall on Ashton and I. Trouble is worth every penny we spend on her, but being two young adults in college, there are many things we can't do. Trouble was diagnosed with arthritis and we immediatably bought an above ground pool to begin water therapy as well as many trips to the vet for pain medicine to help Trouble walk normally rather than limping. All of this is helping, but we would love to be able to give Trouble more. We would love to be able to pay for her to have real water therapy and continue to keep her healthy by going to the vet often. We know that all the deployments will only cause more problems going forward and we want to be able to help her medically in any way we can. By no means do we expect anything from anyone, but if you would like to donate, my family and Trouble would grately appreciate it.
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by Chelsea Senquiz
Hello all!! Just a quick update, Trouble has been doing well on her new pain meds, but they are bad for her liver so we don't want this to be a permanent option for her. She went to Petsmart yesterday and got herself a nice Orthopedic bed that is helping her with her stiffness she usually has in the morning. She also got more Glucosamine which is a supplement she takes daily which helps give her joints the necessary lubrication they need to function which also helps manage her arthritis pain. She has scans and xrays on Tuesday to see exactly what we need to combat first and how progressive her arthritis is. I will also be scheduling an appointment with a local specialist next week to start her real hydrotherapy with all the necessary and equipment and doctors that we were lacking with our above ground pool. All of this is only made possible by all the wonderful amazing people that have donated and I can't thank you all enough.
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