Free Bonnie! Another dog dumped in boarding by shoddy rescue

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Beneficiary: Bonnie, dog dumped by Canadian rescuer Organizer: Valhalla Canine Rescue

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2 years ago, Bonnie and her brother Clyde were rescued from a California shelter by  There were sent by the rescue to a foster home in Eastern WA. 

This last August,  Bonnie was found in a shelter in Walla Walla, WA. Every effort was made to return Bonnie to her rescue in Canada. All offers to bring Bonnie to her rescue in Canada were rejected for one reason or another by the owner of the rescue. The rescue in Canada,then requested that Bonnie be placed into boarding. 

People here believed the rescues excuses and even went out of their way to help BONNIE.  People, who had no idea of the track record this rescue has for abandoning dogs, even took Bonnie to the vet for an exam and have prepared to get her medical treatment she needs. BONNIE ALSO NEEDS SURGERY FOR CONDITIONS SHE HAS HAD SINCE A PUPPY ACCORDING TO OUR VET.

Now, BONNIE HAS BEEN IN BOARDING FOR OVER 2 MONTHS and the rescue has not made any payments or ANY attempts to reclaim Bonnie!!

THANKFULLY,  the microchip was never transferred by the rescue and we were able to get the puller from CA, the person listed on the chip, to sign Bonnie over to us.

I want to help Bonnie, but I can't pay the bill on our own and need your help. We are seeking a foster or even a forever home so ensure that Bonnie can FINALLY end her time in the rescue/shelter world.

This baby has been bounced around since she was a pup and her brother is missing. Lets end her time with this shoddy rescue and get her out of here.

PLEASE SHARE AND HELP US FREE BONNIE. Contact Patti Angeliz at if you have any questions. Valhalla Rescue is a 501c3 Federally recognized organization. 100% of all donations go directly to the dogs.

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