For the love of the voiceless homeless of Nassau, Bahamas

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Organizer: Chella Melnechuk Beneficiary: The homeless dogs of Nassau, Bahamas

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This fundraiser is mainly to help give a second chance to the homeless dogs living on the streets of Nassau, Bahamas.
The faces I see on a daily basis is enough to shatter all joy in life because their sadness is overwhelming!
Each and everyone of these dogs are unloved and unwanted, living a miserable existance, sick and hurt not knowing which direction to go anymore, tired of being abused and bullied, tired of this life that is just hell for them!
Mother dogs are nursing their newborns in pile of trash.. no place is safe for any of them..
There is no future for these poor souls. Most will remain on the streets till the day they die, either killed by a car on the road or from illness, but they will never know a happy ending..born just to die..that is the fate for the unwanted.
Please help us with them, I beg you..
They all deserve happiness and we owe this to them as they are not to blame for their misfortune..
Please be a part of their new journey and help us..
I am sorry that I cannot accept checks mainly because it takes sometimes 2-3 months for the mail to arrive and when it does the check has already expired. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you,
Chella Melnechuk.
The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas



by Chella Melnechuk
Thank you from my heart and God bless you for your support to my homeless!!!
Chella Melnechuk
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by Chella Melnechuk
Since the last update, Dante, Inka, Peewee, Lollipop, Abba and Apple lost their lives.
Marlin, Lupita, Mojito, Seaweed, Ted, Petey and Kiwi found help and are no longer on the streets.
Thank you for your help!!
Chella Melnechuk.
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