First PanfurPawty Fun-draiser

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Organizer: @BarnabasKitten, @MischiefMoggy1 @Mr_Pie Beneficiary: Domestic & Feral Rescues

Special #Panfurpawty supporting the invaluable rescue work of Mischief's kind aunties.

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MischiefMoggy1 is well known on Twitter. Mischief's Aunties tirelessly provide love and support for many infirm and desperate cats who have nowhere else to go. They've saved many homeless and unwanted kittens from tragic circumstances during the last few months at their own expense.

Please donate whatever you can.
No amount is too small. All funds will be used to support their rescue work and will help our neglected feline friends out there - who desperately need your support and donations.
On behalf of the kitties who will benefit from your help we'd all like to say a big thank you.
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