Charlie Brown's House and Friends

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Beneficiary: It's Positively Doggie, LLC Organizer: Chris Dunham

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It's Positively Doggie, LLC is a training facility that helps train dogs that have been in rescues and need basic obedience training skills to help them be placed in forever homes. Behavioral dogs are our speciality. We train dogs that have special needs as well as dogs that don't have any need other then basic obedience training.

We also help to rehabilitate dogs that have been in abusive and neglected situations. Sometimes these folks that bring dogs have short falls in their financial situations and need help to get these dogs trained. We give folks as many discounts as possible but we can not train dogs and keep the facility operational. We would love to help every person and every dog that comes to us we just cant financially take on the responsibilty to pay for the boarding and training they require while at our boot camps. Usually we only require a week or two for dogs to be in boot camp, but sometimes these doggies have been in such abusive and unstable situations they need extra time.

This is where this fund will come in. For those doggies like the one we currently have in boot camp named Kimo from Kimo's Brigade. He has improved massively since coming to boot camp at the end of October but his funding has fallen short of his needs.

Please check our facebook page out at for more information. 

If you can help in the gift of boot camp to these dogs. We at It's Positively Doggie, LLC would appreciate it and so will the doggies.
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