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Brindi's Road to Recovery

$1,682raised of $1,000 goal

Organizer: Bonnie Beneficiary: Brindi Snyder

Brindi, the dumped, over bred pit bull, needs our help to get her well, and on the road to recovery.

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Brindi was found outside someones door in Nazareth, Pa, on March 25th.. She was all curled up, trying to get warm, no collar, very skinny.Upper Nazareth Township Police were contacted, and they helped capture her, and the Upper Nazareth road crew, and the police, got her to safety, and warm.. She was so scared, but they set her up a crate with blankets, a nice kennel, and fed, and visited her. Some awesome people started to post about her, and word got to me. I stepped forward to foster her, and get her vetting that she so desperately needs. We now believe she was dumped that night. A few people have worked with her, and in a few days shes starting to trust people. Brindi will be arriving to my house tomorrow morning, March 30th. I will work with gaining her trust, and have her vetted. Brindi is very underweight, and has had what appears to be MANY litters, a very poor coat, and some scarring on her face. She will be vetted for a 10 day stray hold time, get all her blood work, other tests, shots, and spayed. My vet is awaiting her arrival, and as soon as I know she can trust them, and me, she will be admitted. We do not know what all they are going to find as of yet, this poor girl isnt in the best shape. This poor girl would not be alive had it not been for the wonderful people who got her to safety, and worked with her a couple days to get her ready to come to me, and be vetted. They have worked with leashing, and gaining her trust. Brindi wasnt of use to someone any longer, but she worthy of love, and attention, and thats what we plan on giving her. She will eventually be up for adoption when the time is right, she trusts, and heals. Can you help us help Brindi? Brindi will be at Loyalsock Animal Hospital, 1900 Northway Rd, Williamsport, Pa 17701.. The number there is 570-326-1709. If anyone would like to make a donation directly to the vets office, please tell them its for Brindi Snyder, and they will put it on her account. I will keep everyone informed on what day she will be admitted. They are awaiting her arrival this week.
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by Bonnie
I want to take this time to thank everyone so very much for donating, and sharing this fund raiser..We have went over the goal amount, and Brindi now has extra for some things she really needs, or wants if thats ok with everyone. Paypal takes a 2.9% plus .30 fee off each donation, but we still hit the goal, and went over the goal! You all have been so very kind, and I know she appreciates it. She is learning new things each day, and becoming the most loving, appreciative little girl there is. Her tail wags, her kisses, and her happiness are all so wonderful to see. I think shes gaining weight even! Her inner scars are healing as well as her outer ones. Its an honor to watch her transition. When she came here 5 days ago, she was afraid, lost, and not so trusting of most things. Today shes wagging her tail, giving me those awesome pit bull butt wiggles, and all the kisses I could ever ask for. Im working with socializing her as well. Shes doing ok, shes alittle leery at first, but she is learning that not all humans are dangerous. Her health is improving each day, I can tell. If not for you all, I dont know how I would do this. Yes, shes here with me and Im helping her through, but its taken all of us to help her, in so many ways. She has actually helped me as well. She came to me in a tough part of my life, I had lost my best friend of 16 1/2 yrs, the dog who I raised since 6 wks old, the dog I thought I could never take another breath without. While I miss him daily, and still shed tears, Brindi has saved me from so much. So you see, you all have helped me as well as help her.You are all such awesome, loving people. I wish Brindi and I could meet each one of you and allow her to thank you personally. I read her the notes you write, hoping ahe understands how many people saved her, and love her. Thank you all once again for everything! Brindi will have her spay on the 15th, and any other issues she may run into. I promised her I would get her through this, and with your help, I can.. THANK YOU!! 
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by Bonnie
I have good news!! Brindi went to the vets today and she wont need some of the things we thought she would! She is actually better than we thought!! I am posting the vet bill from today, as well as the estimate for her spay appointment Apr 15th.. Anything raised over the amount needed for her vet bills will be used for care, meds, food ect for Brindi, with any rec. posted, or refunded if anyone wants a refund.. I can also keep in a fund for the next dog rescued, its up to each one of you. Thank you so much for all you have done for this sweet girl. She deserves this and so much more.. Did I tell you, Brindi was on tv tonight?? Here is the link to her story, and she also has her own facevbook page, and Im sharing that link as well.. Please watch her progress.. her news story can be found here... 
And here is her facebook page, come join us in watching this little girl have the life she so deserves!
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