Autumn needs your help with her tumor!

$397raised of $700 goal

Beneficiary: Autumn Organizer: Luan D.

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Breakdown of the Surgery Costs (what donations will go toward):

Here is the procedure estimate from the vet's office:
$75 - Pre-Surgery Profile 0-7 y/o cat
$70 - Anesthesia less than 10 lbs
$275 - Routine Tumor Removal
$68.50 - Convenia Injection (antibiotics)
$32.45 - Post Op Torbugesic Injection (for pain)
$3 - Suture (vicryl) 2-0 cutting
$2 - Medical Waste
$180.18 (Optional) - Tumor Biopsy

Total: $706.13

In the event that the fundraiser goal has been exceeded, I will use that money to spoil Autumn rotten with toys, cat tower, treats, etc!

I'm not sure how to rotate pictures on youcaring, but here are all of the pictures I've taken of Autumn (please excuse the awkward triple chin-inducing selfie angles) here. 

The Story: 

I've always wanted a cuddly pet. For some reason, I had this feeling that I would get a cat for my birthday, but I knew deep down that was pretty much impossible because while my dad loves animals, he doesn't want to take care of them or have them in the house.

I was driving home from a friend's house and found her on the sidewalk. I jokingly told the other person with me, Chris, that we should go up and pet her (because usually cats will run away when you get close to them, at least in my experience). As we walked closer, she didn't budge. I didn't even extend my hand fully before she started rubbing her head against my hand! She was meowing and purring so happily! She sprawled out and let me pet her all over. I went inside to take some of my mom's salmon that she cooked earlier and fed it to Autumn. 

I just sat there petting her while she ate and I fell in love with her. I asked my parents if I could take her in and they half-heartedly said yes, so I told Chris to go buy a cat carrier and cat supplies (some food, litter box, litter, etc) so we could bring her inside. While I waited for him to get back, Autumn started to rub up against me while purring and eventually laid on my thigh while kneading it! I think I took way too many pictures on my phone but I had to get a good clear picture because I was so excited and I wanted to share them with people!

Eventually we got her inside and as she laid on my bed she remained cuddly and friendly as ever. It was then we noticed she has a red lump on the side of her paw. My heart dropped because I knew surgical procedures are costly, but I wanted to at least take her to the vet and make sure everything else was okay and see just how much the surgery would cost.

She ate a whole can of wet food (Fancy Feast) even though she just ate a salmon filet before we even brought her inside! I was getting tired (it was like, 2AM) so I let her have my room to herself and slept in the guest room. I couldn't sleep because I missed her so I went back in the room and when I laid down she started to purr and knead my chest and fell right asleep mid-kneading! I could hear her adorable, soft breathing (not quite snoring!). The awesomeness of this situation is indescribable. 

I did some research with some vet clinics around the area and decided on the one I was going to take her to the next morning. I am not an early morning person but I was determined to get her to the vet ASAP. 

When we got to the vet's office, we found out that she does not have a microchip and all of her tests came back negative, so she's a pretty healthy cat! I also used the money I had saved for a rainy day to get her some crucial vaccinations as well as a shot of antibiotics (at the recommendation of the vet for her runny nose).

After arriving home she was pretty tired and scared (I would be too, if I had my blood drawn, stool samples taken, 3 vaccinations, and a shot of antibiotics!) so she hid underneath my bed for a couple hours. I was so worried that she disliked me and would never be the same again. However eventually I saw her head peak out from underneath the bed and when I motioned for her to hop on the bed, she instantly curled up beside me and started to purr.

I decided to see if she wouldn't mind if I slept with her tonight and sure enough she did that kneading, purring, falling asleep thing again. Every time I moved during sleep I would notice that she picked another comfortable position to sleep on me (head resting on my arm, head on my stomach, entire body on my stomach, curled up underneath my arm, etc!).

Today my mom started to visit my room and check up on Autumn. She even enjoys playing with Autumn! I think Autumn would take pettings from anyone! I would really appreciate any help towards funding Autumn's tumor surgery!
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