"Sweetie and Popeye" need help

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....Animal control found me on the street where I was just wandering around by myself. I went to the shelter and stayed there for several days. They thought my owners may come for me, but I knew better! I am overweight, a senior, have VERY bad teeth and of course, I have no records. The shelter staff said it would be very difficult to find me a home.  In other words, no one would want me. I just waited in that cage and was so sad! They thought something really bad was wrong with me because I didn't move much at all. Truth is, I was very scared.  And then, things started looking up, Judy Delbene came to my rescue!  Now I need to go to the vet and get well!  Will you please help me? 
Love, Sweetie from Doxie Tales

P.S.  Please view my video in the gallery. Judy made it just for me:)....

"Sweetie" is now a Doxie Tales dachshund being fostered by Judy.  She needs medical care. At a minimum, she will require: a check-up, all vaccines, a heartworm test, and a major dental.  Poor girl must be in pain. Her teeth are terrible and she will likely loose most of them in surgery. 

.....I got a name!  All day long, my foster mom kept looking at me and saying....little man, you look just like somebody I know.  Then it came to her and she screamed....."POPEYE!"  Yeah, I must admit, I kinda do;)   I have short little, muscular bowed legs, a massive chest and a tiny-tiny waste.  I like my name, it fits me! And oh let me tell you....I have met my Olive Oyl here at Doxie Tales.  I've never seen any furry lady as beautiful as Izzy.  I can't take my eyes off of her!.......
Doxie Tales got an email last night telling us there was a male dachshund in the shelter who needed a commitment by 8:30am - TODAY!  I was on the phone with the shelter this morning at 7:45am. He had an eye infection, really bad skin, a lot of hair loss, needed neutering and an "immediate dental.  Of course, once again, no one wanted him so he needed a rescue ASAP or would be put to sleep.  I went and got him.  I had to. on our way home, we stopped at McDonalds and ordered a kids meal.  He had the burger, I had the fries:) 
His skin was just awful. Huge scaly flakes and scabs all over.  He has very little hair from his shoulders down to his tail.  Nearly all the black color you see in the photos is skin. His mouth is bad (but Sweeties is much worse.) He will need a dental but hopefully will only loose a few teeth.  His eyes look okay to me, but I will have the vet look at them.  And of course, he must be neutered....just ask Izzy!  Oh my goodness....!!! 

***Tomorrow, I will be taking Sweetie and Popeye to the vet.  Doxie Tales opened this fundraiser for Sweetie yesterday and I am adding Popeye to it.  If you can help by donating, I would gratefully appreciate it. They are going to be expensive because they were not cared for at all! So sad.  My friend, Judy Delbene is fostering Sweetie and I am fostering Popeye.  We will get them both well and give them lots of love.  Then, we will find them wonderful, loving and forever homes.  But first, they both will require expensive vetting.   ALL of our friends are appreciated!! Everyone may not be able to donate, but everyone can SHARE.  And your positive support is very appreciated:) 

If you prefer, you may donate to our PAYPAL account:  DoxieTalesInfo@gmail.com
Thank you, Ginger from Doxie Tales
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