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In 2012 the Trans Mental Health Study in the UK showed that trans people experience higher rates of suicide and self-harm than any other group. In addition the Department of Health identified trans people as being particularly at risk. This high rate is caused by many different things, with social isolation and stress from harassment being prominent.
Yet, so far no resources have been allocated to help our communities to cope, to build resilience and prevent these unnecessary deaths. It has become clear that if we are going to change things, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

Over recent months, many awful stories have been published in the media about trans people. We have seen our friends and allies reduced to despair, people we love feeling broken by the words that have been used, amazing and wonderful activists contemplating giving up in the face of such overwhelming hatred. At these times we have turned to each other for solidarity and support, and have found warmth and compassion within our networks. But this leads us to question what impact these events have on people who aren't so fortunate, and who don't have good support. People who feel isolated and alone.

We want to build a repository of hope, so that we and our allies can tell others that they are not alone and that they are loved, and so that trans people who are feeling isolated can turn to them when the world feels like it's all too much. We'll have video messages, self-help guides and daily affirmations from some awesome people. This is being built with the principles of positive psychology in mind - that by re-focussing on community, connections and resillience we can help each other stay strong when it feels like the whole world is against us. Please support our work on this project. We are all fed up with seeing the harm that having to deal with such negativity causes to each other and those we love. Let's build something better.

We are trying to raise £7500, which will mainly be a salary to enable someone to do a whole host of things like getting the website up and running, moderating it, researching and designing self-help guides, visiting trans groups, linking with health agencies to try and improve things and so on. A proportion will also go in to design and printing. The more we make the more we can do. Anything over that amount will first go to improving the website, and then to fund other projects to support the mental health of our communities.

The TransBareAll website has lots of information about our other projects, and we also have a video of my TDoR talk last year on the importance of community

Here is an article by Maeve Regan on suicide (also published in Pink News), using the Trans Mental Health Study data

You can also email us at to donate directly or if you are interested in taking part in the project.

Thanks for your support.

Jay McNeil

Photographs (c) Sara Davidmann
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