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Victims Typhoon Yolanda - Malapascua, Cebu

$21,391raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers Beneficiary: Direct support of the locals

Help us to help the locals to get back their homes

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Just coming back from Malapascua. It is inexplicable what happen up there. There are no words to find to explain what happen. All our friends lost their homes. The poor people lost everything. Their houses are no more. They have nothing left just their spirit. The day after the Typhoon I was driving with my friend through the half Island of Cebu seeing all the damages. But tears only run over my face tears of admiration. Everybody was out in the streets, cleaning up the pieces left gathering the last pieces of wood to build a shelter. Collecting the cloth, wash it dry it over what is lying on the floor. People are smiling and all together cleaning up. Not even 24 hours after the worst ever measured Typhoon (Cyclon, Hurican) passed the area we are able driving up the road as everybody helped to clean it. You can't imagine. 
Please all who want to help,Sea Explorers Philippines and Ocean Vida Resort will use your donation directly use for the rebuilding of houses in Malapascua Island and food supplies.
Thank you very much for your help
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by Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers
<img title="Kanit - Malapascua" src="" alt="Ongoing construction for 40 houses" width="2048" height="1536">
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by Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers

Thanks to all the support from all around the world including the Philippines the Island is recovering very fast.
But still a lot to do for us to get build up all the needed homes.


<img title="Help Malapascua " src="" alt="" width="1600" height="1200">

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by Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers
<img title="Help Malapascua" src="" alt="Vaccination, Clothes, Hats" width="1500" height="1200">
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by Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers
Distribution of relieve goods in Malapascua. Everybody is waiting patientely in line:

Photo: Deutscher Text folgt unten:

Thanks to all your support we were able bringing further urgent needed goods up to Malapascua with our banka. People waiting patiently for their share at the beach as it has been unloaded step by step with our speed boat. Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort and Sea Explorers Staff are helping distributing everything.

Dank all Eurer Hilfe war es uns möglich weiter dringend benötigte Güter mit der Banka nach Malapascua zu bringen. Die Leute warten geduldig am Strand auf ihren Anteil während alles nach und nach mit unserem Motorboot entladen wurde. Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort und Sea Explorers Mitarbeiter helfen bei der Verteilung der Güter.
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by Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers

Ocean Vida Resort and Sea Explorers could ensure that there is enough food and fresh water supply for the whole staff and their families. 

At the moment we are in search of tetanus vials for the people in Malapascua. Due to lots of sharp articles, rusty nails etc there is a big danger of getting injuries and most people have now tetanus vaccination. 

We are very lucky to be able gathering 50 Vials already and should receive another 1000 beginning of the coming week thanks to the help of our local friends. This is at the moment no easy task as everywhere this medicine is very much in need to keep this disease from spreading.

We also where sitting down with people of a Swiss humanitarian organisation on spot. They shared their knowledge about more durable construction of houses in storm and earthquake areas. Together with a friend working in construction in Cebu we are developing now the design for the houses. 

We will keep you posted with the further development.

Your Sea Explorers and Ocean Vida Team

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