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Beneficiary: Vernie Davis Family Organizer: Davis Children

In March of 2014 Vernie Davis was a victim of a hit and run accident while riding his motrcycle in Orlando, FL. For the past 8 months Vernie has been recovering in a local Rehabilitation facility close to his hometown. He has been doing exceptionally well with therapy and was taken off of tube feedings and getting regular meals 3 times a day. With no warning seizure activity started at the end of August and he spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Underwent 2 surgeries, and was placed in a medically induced coma for 6 days to give his brain a rest because they seizures wouldn't stop.Those who know Vernie know, that he is a one of a kind man. A large heart for all and willing to do anything for anyone. A man who loved life, his family, and friends. Everytime you saw him he had a smile on his face. Whether it was riding through town in the PennDot truck, or on his motorcycle yelling at you to "get a job!!" :) But one thing is for sure.. Once a friend of Vernie's, always a friend of Vernie's. 

This fund raiser is being set up to help with medical expenses incurred while on his road to recovery in long term care, which his insurance does not cover. They will only cover an allotted amount of days, and after that he is forced to leave the facility whether he is physically and emotionally ready to or not and continue with LIMITED home care. This fundraiser will also help fund renovations to his home to make it wheelchair accessible for him. Vernie deserves to live as normal a life as he possibly can. He did not deserve to have this happen to him.

We THANK YOU in advance for your continued prayers and support for Vernie and his family. His family is always by his side to help him get better and are strengthened by the love, support, and prayers they recieve. You all know as well as we do that he would be more than appreciative of the love and support he is recieving, and would reciprocate it 10 fold.
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