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Beneficiary: Buddy, the Golden Retriever mix Organizer: Advocates for San Antonio Pets (ASAP)

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A 6-year-old Golden Retriever mix named Buddy has been unjustly sentenced to death by Judge Daniel Guerrero of Municipal Court No. 4 despite a complete lack of evidence that he caused “serious” injuries” (as required by law). The dog, who is the constant loyal companion of an 83-year-old man, has no history of aggression and is known and loved by many as a sweet, well-trained dog.

Both Buddy’s owner and the 9-year-old alleged victim’s mother were within 2-3 feet of the girl and Buddy – yet BOTH testified at the hearing that they did not actually see Buddy bite the girl. Although the evidence at the hearing showed that Buddy may have jumped up and scratched a 9-year-old girl (whose mother was not preventing her from yelling in Buddy’s face), her injuries could not be shown to be serious or permanent. The law requires serious ripping and tearing of muscle to allow the judge to euthanize a dog. However, Judge Guerrero refused to allow Buddy’s owners to have the victim’s “injuries” examined by an independent medical examiner, refused to allow a dog behavior assessment and dog bite analysis to be done, and refused to allow for a jury trial.

While we feel for the girl, she has made a full recovery. Even her father admitted on the evening news that she had made a full physical recovery only a month after the incident. Buddy should not have to pay for this with his life.

Buddy’s attorney, Michelle Maloney, has obtained a Temporary Restraining Order giving Buddy a stay of execution pending exhaustion of all appellate remedies. In the meantime,  boarding fees of $30/day are mounting up at San Antonio’s Animal Care Services as Buddy has been held there since Nov 1, 2013 (and not allowed visitation by his family). Legal expenses are also accruing.

Please also sign the petition to District Court Judge Tina Torres, City Attorney Robbie Greenblum, and Mayor Castro to STOP THIS INJUSTICE!

If you can help Buddy obtain justice and also help his family continue their fight to keep Buddy alive, please make a donation however large or small.

(Unless otherwise instructed by the donor, should donations exceed actual costs, any excess will be used for the next dog in need of justice.)

Buddy and his family thank you!

Media coverage of Buddy's hearing on Nov 18, 2013:

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