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Courtney is a bright, full of life 22 year old from Mobile Al. On October 13th she was diagnosed having the Flu, she went home and started getting worse. Her dad took her to the ER early Tuesday morning October 15th the Doctors then determined then she was much worse than what she should have been and decided to sedate her, medically paralyze her and put her on life support. In the early morning of October 16th Courtney went into septic shock and both of her lungs collapsed, they rushed her into emergency surgery where they then re inflated her lungs and placed tubes into both lungs. After surgery Courtney wasn't responding well and the Drs said it was time to call the family in that she probably wouldn't make it to day light. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low and around day break they stared to rise. Throughout the day on October 16th it was very emotional knowing something could happen at any moment. Later in the day her Kidneys were starting to weakin and shut down and she began to run a high fever. The Drs assured us that they want her to fun fever, that shows that her body is fighting the infection. Later that evening we were given some good news that her oxygen levels had reached the 93-94 mark and the damage to her kidneys are minimal that she would not need dialysis. Courtney is still a very critically ill person. Her doctor informed us that is this were and elderly person it would cause death but Courtney being a young 22 he is hopeful. Courtney has been diagnosed with ARDS( Acute respitoray distress syndrome ), Staph pneumonia and Group C strep. The reason for this donation page is to help pay bills and whatever expenses she needs to have covered while not being able to work. She has a very long recover now and even when she does make it home to recover more there. Courtney has always been they person to do for others and not for herself. So now I want to do something for her. There is no donation to small. Please spread the word and let's help Courtney! Thank you all from the ENTIRE family!...... To help with some questions, my name is Amanda and I am Courtneys 1st cousin. I have Sean listed as the Benificiary incase something were to happen he would be the one I hand everything over to. Your money is safe and secure, since I do not have the account linked to a bank account is being used like a holding cell for the money. towards closing of the account I will order a Pre-paid visa and have everything transferred to it and then if will be handed to either Courtney or Sean. This is NOT a spam! Everything is for Courtney!
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